Improved efficiency

22,000 tons
annual decrease in coal consumption


Croatia used nearly 17,000 GWh of electricity in 2014 while producing 13,000 GWh, resulting in a shortfall that required the Adriatic coast nation to import energy.  Today, the country gets nearly half of its energy from hydropower plants and has one coal-fueled thermal facility at Plomin.

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Hrvatska Elektroprivreda operates the Plomin coal-fired power station in western Croatia, which has been operating since 1969 and has a 340-meter-high chimney, the tallest built structure in the country. GE will upgrade the Plomin 2 power station’s 210 MW OEM steam turbine, a BBC-Alstom design, with advanced 3-D blades, new rotor, blade carriers, inner casing and other spare parts. Upon completion, the facility will be able to power 10,000 more homes in Croatia.


GE will retrofit Plomin 2—boosting its power and efficiency to 3.6 percent, which will improve its heat rate. The retrofit will lead to lower emissions and a decrease in coal consumption by more than 22,000 tons annually.

Its steam turbines will have their lifespans extended by 200,000 operating hours. The plant’s retrofit is expected to begin in May 2017, with the commissioning of the upgraded equipment scheduled for July 2017.

In 2014, Alstom Power was awarded a contract to build a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) platform for Plomin 2 to treat its flue gas and reduce emissions of NOx.

GE acquired Alstom Power in 2015. The successful integration of both companies has led to GE’s new Fleet360 platform, an expanded total plant and cross-fleet capability to meet the power service needs of customers.

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