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Converging Cultures, Uniting Goals

GE Works with ENKA to Power Turkey

An Historical Locus

As a country that bridges the gap from the West to the East, Turkey has been a geographic focal point throughout history. It was known as Anatolia to the ancient Romans, and served as a bustling trade hub. Next it was a cultural epicenter during the height of the Ottoman Empire.

Today, with its location at the crossroads between oil-rich Middle East and former Soviet Union countries, and the European demand centers, Turkey is playing an increasingly important role in the transit of oil and natural gas. The country is on track to become another type of hub, though—a hub of technological innovation and R&D, and ENKA is leading the charge.

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Meeting the Demand

A construction conglomerate based out of Istanbul, ENKA has been supplying 13 percent of Turkey’s electricity since 2002, and has placed the first order for GE’s 9F Advanced Gas Path (AGP) technology for 10 of its gas turbines at the Gebze, Adapazar and İzmir power plants—a milestone for both companies. Working with GE’s Power Services business, ENKA is expected to deliver a total of up to approximately 150 additional megawatts (MW) of power, enough to generate electricity for more than 200,000 additional households in Turkey. The project also includes an extension of ENKA’s Parts and Services Agreement (PSA) with GE.

ENKA also expects to lower its emissions footprint with the installation of the AGP solution in tandem with GE’s Dry Low NOx (DLN) 2.6+ combustion system upgrade. Upon completion of this program, ENKA plants will reach over 57 percent combined efficiency. The AGP upgrade helps ENKA harness the power of big data and the Industrial Internet to ensure each turbine is running optimally at all times. Additionally, ENKA will reduce fuel consumption, extend their maintenance intervals and the life of their turbines. Best of all, this upgrade lets ENKA gain the flexibility to take advantage of the country’s diversified energy storage portfolio, which includes plentiful wind power.

This project is ENKA’s contribution to help meet Turkey’s 2023 Centennial Vision, which includes goals of increasing efficiency of the country’s energy sector while reducing its carbon footprint. ENKA and GE are committed to accelerating Turkey’s industrial growth by driving infrastructure investment, as well as localizing GE’s expertise and technology to help build capabilities, develop human capital, and create job opportunities. By collaborating on new technology adoption, GE and ENKA are working side by side to maintain Turkey’s role as a global epicenter.

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