Replacing 672 nuclear steam turbine buckets in just 12 days—impossible without unprecedented teamwork!

The Challenge

GE Steam Power —working in collaboration with our On-Site Services, FieldCore and APM—was faced with a daunting job: replacing 672 buckets across three low-pressure (LP) nuclear steam turbines at a U.S. nuclear power plant, all in under two weeks!

This was Steam Power’s first project involving the ‘re-bucketing’ of three nuclear steam turbine rotors simultaneously, and it was the largest-ever single mobilization for the On-Site Services team,” said Lance Hall, General Manager, GE Steam Power Americas. “Great planning, execution and attitude made this milestone project a true success.”

The Solution

Based on extensive planning, the GE team took project execution to new heights during a major outage. Pre-planning began nearly a year earlier, and included parts inventory reviews, up-front mitigation plans covering 25 potential risk factors, and even a “continuous motion” plan that enabled a round-the-clock work schedule—24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

The Result

Not only did the project team finish the job, but it also shaved nearly five days off the outage schedule. While ”under the hood,” the team also completed a generator leak repair along with control valve and generator inspections. The entire project was accomplished with zero Environment, Health and Safety incidents.

The GE team did an EXCELLENT job,” wrote the plant’s outage manager. “Great planning, great execution, great attitude.

As a result of the shortened outage, the site was able to restart days ahead of schedule and, in turn, generate additional revenue by supplying power to its local metropolitan area.