reduction in carbon emissions for coal-fired plants

decrease in unplanned downtime

saving of maintenance cost for gas power plants

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Power Digital Solutions Center

Power Digital Services recently signed an agreement with Datang Group to break ground on the Beijing International Electric Power Data Monitoring and Diagnostic (M&D) Center. The M&D Center, utilizing GE’s digital solution suite, will maximize efficiency through real-time data collecting. The agreement is the first-of-its-kind in China to employ GE’s digital solutions.

Focused on improving the reliability, availability and asset profitability of current and future power generation units, GE and Datang will continue to share strategy, resources and other expertise moving forward.

Customer Outcomes

Based on GE’s global research of similar global fleets, the immediate outcome from using digital solutions can result in an average of 2 percent increase in power generation output, 5 percent decrease on unplanned downtime and 25 percent savings of operational and maintenance costs for gas power plant. For coal-fired plants, on top of an average efficiency gain of 1.5 percent and a decrease of 5 percent unplanned downtime, the carbon emissions could be reduced by 3 percent.

“This is a ground-breaking deal in the region with its scale and significance,” said Yang Dan, vice president of GE Power in China. “The M&D Center will speed up the digitization of Datang and will promote the effective integration of Datang's power assets with the capabilities of Internet+, cloud computing and big data. Moving forward, GE and Datang will continue to propel the digitization of China’s power industry by expanding our IoT collaboration.”

The M&D Center perfectly fits into Datang’s roadmap—becoming its domestic base for the Asia-Pacific region, while increasing its presence internationally.

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