Increase in Output

Reduced Heat Rate

GE’s historical agreement with Shanghai Caojing Co-Generation Co., Ltd., will provide Advanced Gas Path (AGP) upgrades for two GE 9FA gas turbines at the Caojing combined-cycle power station in China. The goal: to increase the plant's output and efficiency as the country’s energy demand continues to grow. The agreement is the first of its kind in China.

“China’s surging energy demands and continued growth in the petrochemical industry makes it essential for us to continually improve the performance and availability of the Caojing combined-cycle plant to support local production requirements,” said Mr. Peigang Shi, general manager of Shanghai Caojing Co-Generation Co., Ltd. “This modernization project will enable us to boost our supply of power and steam to the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park—one of the leading petrochemical bases in Asia—without increasing emissions. In addition, by increasing the efficiency of the startup phase of the plant’s gas turbines, we are able to help reduce the amount of fuel needed to generate the same power.”

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The Caojing plant, a 790-megawatt (MW) station, and the largest cogeneration facility in Shanghai is also seeking to reduce carbon emissions. GE’s Ecomagination study found that upgrading a plant’s hardware and software increases a gas plant’s efficiency from 39.4% to 42.7% on average globally. The data shows a 1.8% improvement with upgrades to turbines and boilers (hardware) and a 1.5% improvement with software upgrades.

“Installing hardware and software upgrade solutions to help increase the efficiency of the existing Caojing fleet can have a significant and immediate impact,” said Sunny Xue, general manager of GE’s Power Services China. “Maintenance intervals achieved with our AGP technology count among the industry’s longest, and our solution offers lower fuel consumption and material/thermodynamic innovations that can extend gas turbine parts life and lower cost.”

AGP technology, part of GE’s Fleet360 platform of total plant solutions, will increase turbine output by up to 6.4%, reduce heat rate by an estimated 1.7% and extend maintenance intervals from 24,000 to 32,000 operating hours. 

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