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Powering a Paper Mill

On June 28, 2016, GE Power Services signed a multi-year agreement with Bio-PAPPEL’s San Juan del Rio paper mill in Querétaro, Mexico. The deal will service their LM2500+ aeroderivative gas turbine and help with the installation of a natural gas cogeneration power plant. The installation and agreement will solidify Bio-PAPPEL’s San Juan del Rio paper mill as one of the region’s leaders in printing and copying of uncoated, wood-free paper for notebooks, journals, and similar products.

“We selected GE’s proven LM2500+ aeroderivative gas turbine technology and long-term services after we recognized that installing a new cogeneration plant at our notebook production facility will help us meet current production goals, maintain leadership in Mexico’s paper industry, and support our commitment towards sustainability,” said Martín Rincon, chief sustainability officer of Bio-PAPPEL

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Collaboration for the Future

The 20-year agreement is an opportunity for GE to augment Bio-PAPPEL’s aim to improve reliability, availability, and capacity. Reliability and availability will be enhanced through diagnostic-based monitoring via GE’s service technology solutions. The solution suite offers asset management focused on machine and equipment health, maintenance optimization, and other performance insights.

“GE was able to offer a flexible technology and services solution that will enable Bio-PAPPEL to install its cogeneration plant with a specific electrical and thermal output while also giving them the ability to quickly adjust its generation capacity to meet the paper factory’s future energy demands,” said Gabriel Díaz, sales and commercial regional general manager of GE Power Services Latin America. “A key difference maker is our ability to provide both remote monitoring, and diagnostics support, as well as excellent customer service in the field to support long-term availability.” 

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