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Cross-fleet generators

Power Plant Generator Health Monitoring

Generator Health Monitoring system can increase power plant generator reliability and prevent outages.

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Customer Challenge

Alinta Energy recognized the need to adopt a more predictive condition-based maintenance strategy across its fleet of seven power plants in Australia and New Zealand to reduce cost and improve reliability. Alinta’s historic practice with schedule-based maintenance programs became unsuitable in the region down under where plants needed quicker responsiveness to sporadic renewable generation.

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Alinta selected GE’s Diagnostic Inspection Rotor In-Situ (DIRIS) and TurboRotoscan robotic solutions to inspect 19 fleet generator manufactured by GE, Alstom, Mitsubishi, and Brush. These technologies enable faster generator inspections without rotor removal, and can be done on virtually any OEM. Additionally, this process alerts the sites to potential generator issues in advance, allowing them to evaluate their options before operations are impacted.


Alinta Energy’s deployment of these inspection solutions will reduce its fleet downtime up to 40%, while eliminating risks associated with rotor removal.

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Cez Group

Cez Group partnered with GE to reduce NOx emissions on 10 cross-fleet boiler units.

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Poland-based Veolia partners with GE to improve efficiency of cogeneration plant.

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Central Puerto

Central Puerto uses GE's APM solution to improve reliability and reduce downtime.

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