Utilities and independent power producers (IPPs) around the world develop, own, and operate power plants to generate the electricity to meet this demand from their consumers. Utilities and IPPs seek the most cost-effective and reliable power plant offerings to serve the various demands of their local grid or service territory, whether that’s baseload power, cyclic generation, or peaking power.

GE’s broad portfolio of gas-turbine-based power generation offerings provides solutions—from as small as a 16 MW LM2500 to a 1500 MW 2x1 9HA.02. We provide exceptional power generation so you can operate reliably and efficiently.


How it works

Baseload power plants by definition are developed to command the greatest hours of dispatch to the grid providing a reliable and steady foundation of power supply to the grid. In most competitive power markets, power plant operators secure their dispatch position by providing the lowest cost electricity. GE works closely with its utility and IPP customers to provide power plant solutions that facilitate this low cost driven through high-efficiency gas turbine and combined-cycle equipment, as well as economies of scale through larger capacity power plants.

Cyclic operation power plants are required to respond to demand fluctuations in the grid throughout the normal daily load cycle above available baseload capacity. In regions heavily invested in intermittent renewable generation, high operational flexibility characteristics, such as fast start and ramping, low minimum load, and high part load efficiency, must be provided as part of a cost effective power plant. GE’s H-class, F-class, and aeroderivative gas turbines lead the industry in both efficiency and operational flexibility, providing our customers the ability to develop their optimal balance of cost-effective, flexible power.

Peaking power plants are used to deliver cost-effective, reliable power to cover the intermittent peak seasonal demands and therefore dispatch less than 1,500 hours per year. Due to these limited operating hours, utilities and IPPs seek to build the lowest capital expenditure solutions to meet this demand, which are almost exclusively simple-cycle power plants due to their lower cost. GE’s F-class and aeroderivative gas turbines offer the desired combination of fast start and ramping capability along with low capital investment.

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