To GE Power Suppliers:

GE Power and its subsidiaries greatly value the importance of good supplier relationships. Our supplier relationships are based upon mutual respect and cooperation. We believe the success of our relationship relies heavily on a clear understanding of the GE and GE Power policies applicable to our business relationship. It is for this reason that, from time to time, we take a moment to highlight certain policy expectations. In light of the fast-approaching Holiday Season we would like to remind you about GE Power’s policy on Gifts & Gratuities from suppliers.

Gifts & Gratuities: GE Power’s policy prohibits GE Power employees from soliciting or accepting gifts or gratuities from suppliers. It is our expectation, and suppliers are asked, that gifts or gratuities not be offered or sent to any employee of GE Power. Gifts and gratuities include, but are not limited to, cash, tickets to events, entertainment generally, paid vacations (even if connected to a supplier site visit or training program), electronic equipment, liquor, food, golf, and other items of value. GE Power further prohibits its employees from engaging in any business-related activity in any adult entertainment clubs or similar establishments regardless of who is paying. However, GE does understand that reasonable business meals included in the agenda of (or which immediately precede or follow) a business meeting may be acceptable. However, such meals may not be lavish or frequent.

Our experience has been that most suppliers respect our Gifts and Gratuities policy. However, occasionally, we believe a reminder to our suppliers is helpful. While GE Power understands it is customary and in the spirit of goodwill for some suppliers to offer gifts, we believe gifts from our suppliers are inappropriate and can be construed inappropriately, however unintentionally, and lead to misunderstanding and embarrassment. Accordingly, disregard of this policy can lead to remedial actions including supplier disqualification.

We respectfully request your understanding and continued cooperation regarding our Gifts & Gratuities policy when dealing with GE Power employees.

Thank you,
The GE Power SourcingTeam

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