Gama Enerji Turkey


Helping Turkey increase its sustainable energy supply, GE recently announced a 15-year Contractual Services Agreement (CSA) with GAMA Enerji for an 840-megawatt combined cycle power plant in Kirikkale in central Turkey. Once the site has been commissioned, GE will provide planned and unplanned maintenance under availability and performance guarantees for two GE 9F.05 gas turbines and a GE 209D steam turbine.  

GAMA Enerji will benefit from GE’s latest technology, local resources and global experience for the next 15+ years. GE CSAs are structured to help customers with predictable maintenance costs, while ensuring high availability and a steady revenue flow from power plant operations. This includes an increase in maintenance intervals up to 32,000 hours of operation, approximately four years for typical duty plants.

Additionally, new gas turbines feature GE’s Advanced Gas Path technology to increase output, efficiency and availability; OpFlex* Advanced Controls solutions to enhance performance, insight and control of the turbines; and Dry Low NOx combustion system to lengthen intervals between maintenance outages, increase fuel flexibility, reduce CO2 and NOx emissions and improve load flexibility and maintain emissions.

GE has worked with GAMA Holding over the past 15 years on a variety of projects from combined cycle to thermal to renewable power plants focusing both on contracting and investment schemes. 


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