Fueling the World on Less Fuel – World Gas Conference 2018

June 25, 2018

The presence of world energy leaders and many of the world’s largest energy concerns at this year’s World Gas Conference carries a message in and of itself: gas isn’t going away. As this distinguished group gathers to discuss “Fueling the Future,” we know through decades of experience that hospitals, schools and businesses the world over will be illuminated today and for decades to come by a variety of fuel types—central among them is gas.

Electricity demand is projected to grow roughly 2.4% annually for the next decade.  New generation capacity will be added to meet this demand while the world changes the way it manages electricity.  With 40% of the world’s electricity managed by GE software we have a unique perspective into this change.     

Our President and CEO Russell Stokes has written about the Emergent Era from an energy perspective and this trend continues to gain momentum.  GE is focused on leading the industry through this transition.  While renewables penetration continues to grow, it will occur at different speeds across the globe.  Energy decisions are driven locally by resource availability, government policy and the availability of financing among other factors.  Given this context, gas is - and will continue to be - a low-carbon, affordable and reliable complement to renewables.

GE’s industry leadership and commitment to our customers is unwavering.  Our portfolio ranges from the world’s largest and most efficient gas turbines such as GE’s HA gas turbine fleet, which since its debut in 2016 has delivered two world records for efficiency across 50- and 60-hertz segments, to mobile power plant solutions like our TM2500’s which can be trailer-mounted and connect to the grid in less than two weeks.  GE is also #1 in gas turbine fuel flexibility with more megawatts and more gas turbines installations aligned with alternative fuels than all other OEMs combined.

We will continue to evolve our portfolio to deliver better customer outcomes, particularly with additive manufacturing.  We recently unveiled an upgrade with advanced manufactured performance for our 13E2 gas turbines that can help our customers’ plants achieve as much as an additional $3 million in revenue per year and help save as much as $2 million in fuel annually.  Implications for an innovation like this can be seen in the 34 countries around the world where the 13E2 fleet is in operation, many of which are represented at WGC.

Looking at gas’ impact in specific countries, our customer YPF’s new Tucuman thermal power generation complex in El Bracho was recently commissioned. The complex utilizes our 9F gas turbines to power over 280,000 homes. Even as Argentina has increased its commitment to renewable power, it continues to invest in state-of-the art thermal technologies, acknowledging the need for an efficient, reliable power supply that complements the intermittent nature of renewable sources.   

Jetting across the globe to Taiwan for another example, power shortages were expected to occur in the summer of 2017 as the country phases out its nuclear fleet.  We worked with Taiwan to get 700MW onto the grid within an incredibly sort lead time of 240 days.  Two of our 7HA gas turbines, manufactured in Greenville, S.C. are at the heart of the Dah Tarn powerplant that came online to deliver for the people of Taiwan.

We’re proud to be powering forward to deliver on the needs of our customers for reliable, affordable and sustainable energy.

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