Spinning Progress

By Aufar Gituri, Project Engineer at GE Power 

February 16, 2018

Indonesia and India, one made up of over 17 thousand small islands, and the other, one of the largest most populous countries on the planet. Despite their many differences, they both share a fundamental challenge: supplying electricity to their people in rural villages.

The new GE commercial shows the simple but profound impact electricity can have in someone’s life in rural India.  I can relate because helping bring electricity to my people in Indonesia has had a profound impact on me personally and professionally.    

My journey to help electrify Indonesia began with an offer to continue my last assignment of GE’s Graduate Engineering Training Program.  GE had been working with customer PLN Batam to advance the electrification of the country, especially in the areas with the lowest electrification rates. Instead of building conventional power plants which can take years to complete they deployed 20 “fast power” TM2500 units which can be installed in as little as 6 months.  My job was to help service these units for their first year of commercial operation.

New to the industry and fascinated with aeroderivative gas turbines, I didn’t hesitate in accepting the opportunity.  I saw this project as a way to contribute to my nation by keeping these important turbines spinning.

Tourism is essential to the local economy, especially to islands such as Lombok and Belitong, where electricity demand can fluctuate throughout the year.  With this power solution, we are able to provide a reliable and low-emission solution that could flex up and down with demand.  

In addition to bringing much-needed power to our people and helping stimulate the economy, this project has done something else very special. Many young engineering graduates like myself have a thirst for knowledge and a chance to apply their skills at the sites. I believe the TM2500 projects literally contributed to growing a new generation of Indonesian engineers.

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This is me introducing the benefit of the remote monitoring & diagnostic system to our customer