Technology is how we do things. People are why we do things.

February 13, 2018

GE Power was recently featured in a new commercial that shows that at GE, “Technology is how we do things. People are why we do things.” 

GE Power employees are passionate about the work that we do around the world. We're excited to share stories from some employees across the globe who are making a difference  in bringing power to the more that 1 billion people who don't have access and in developing new technologies to improve everyday life.

First up is Ricky Buch, Commercial Director, Energy Access & Renewable Hybrid Power for GE Power, who shares his story of working on energy access issues. 

"My first exposure to the problem of energy access was while working on a graduate school consulting project with GE Healthcare. Our goal was to help monitor clinic processes to improve maternal and neonatal outcomes, since giving birth in some countries remains a dangerous affair. What caught me by surprise was that one of the biggest obstacles was a lack of access to electricity. While in countries like Bangladesh and Indonesia, I met with several women who had walked for days to the nearest clinic for a prenatal screening, and would find out that the clinic had been without power for the past several days, and therefore the staff could not complete any screening. That one project with GE Healthcare was the reason I decided to join GE – I saw how the company was trying to tackle a socially significant problem, trying to develop solutions that would literally save lives." 

Read Ricky's full story.

Next, hear from Shivani Saklani, one of eight GE Power employees who brought electiricity to a remote village with the Global Himalayas Expedition (GHE). "I had never experienced such sheer joy.  People shouted, clapped, danced, cried, hugged each-other. We weren’t part of their community but that didn’t matter—we cried out of joy too.  There was an elderly woman who couldn’t stop thanking god. It was a proud moment to be an ambassador for GE."

Read Shivani's full story here.   

Adnan Zafar, Senior Engineer - Controls Engineering for GE Power, shares his experience in leading the control system design for the world's first hybrid EGT. "This project was at the nexus of many rare opportunities.  We found a customer willing to push the envelope in power plant operation on a grid desperately in need of an energy storage solution. We had a management team giving us resources and full reign over the idea from concept through customer acceptance runs. Most importantly, we assembled a team of passionate and talented people who wanted to make a dent in the universe."

Keep reading about Adnan's story here.

Lastly, hear from GE Power's VP of Systems & Innovation Eric Gebhardt. In his new blog, Eric talks about the impact that a 15kW power generation solution can have on a rural village like the one depicted in GE's new ad. "It is good sometimes to step back and think about the impact that electricity can have to change lives…especially to those without power today…"