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Swaroop Mannepalli

Senior Engineer
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Holds 2 patents

System for Automated Excavation Entry Position Selection

System for Automated Excavation Contour Control 

Skills & Expertise:

  • Mechanical engineering 
  • Control Systems Design
  • Simulations & Automation 
  • Model Testing




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About Swaroop

Game Changer: Swaroop condensed more than 600 site independent models into a single configurable model in order to cut down cycle times and enable his team to execute faster.

A New Performance Standard: Swaroop's efforts reduced simulation turnaround time for services from four weeks to one week. 

A Focus on Innovation: This digital dynamo established a standardized modular architecture for plug-and-play systems and progress towards a digital enterprise.

Now based in Hyderabad, India, Swaroop is a Senior Engineer for GE’s Gas Power Systems business. He is capable of taking on a challenge, developing a plan, and delivering a solution. This digital dynamo focuses on lead simulation and modeling for validating controls software. See how Swaroop makes the world a more digital place by launching this 360 experience. Go ahead, click around. 

"It is through digital collaboration that we are able to respond to a customer faster and improve the quality of the solution."

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