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Döndü Sucu

Logistics Project Manager 
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Skills and Expertise:

  • Logistics
  • Project Management
  • Power Generation


  • French
  • English
  • Turkish
  • German
  • Spanish


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About Dondu 

Powering the World: Through an Egypt Fast Track project, Döndü helped generate 2.6 gigawatts of electricity - the equivalent of power more than 2.5 million homes.  

Focusing on What Matters: Every day, Döndü helps ensure on-tme delivery of equipment, including customs clearance, road assessments and transportation logistics. 

Pursuing your Passion: Are you a traveler? Döndü sure is! Her role has enabled her to travel from country to country to help power the world. 

Fun Fact: Döndü is all about that adrenaline rush; she starts her day on a motorbike and ends her day scuba diving.

Döndü has one speed, and it’s fast. Whether it’s riding her motorbike, underwater diving, or thriving in her role as a Logistics Project Manager for GE’s Gas Power Systems business, Döndü enjoys living in a high-intensity, fast-paced world. Curious to see what Döndü’s work day looks like? Take a virtual 360 tour of her desk by launching this experience! Go ahead, click around.

"Logistics for turnkey projects are all about strategy, developing the mitigation plan, and monitoring the execution process while being aware of the standards and requirements. I am the type of person who enjoys speed, adrenaline, and welcomes challenges, which is why this job suits me best."

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