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University Relations

Alignment between business and science is critical to innovation. In Poland, GE is proud to oversee unique scientific-business partnerships that lead to the creation of unique products.

One such partnership unites the Silesian University of Technology and GE Global Research Centre Europe. Since its launch in 2010, the venture has taken on critical research that could significantly improve the performance of steam power generation turbines. Improving the efficiency of these turbines could significantly increase output of combined-cycled power plants. Every 0.1 percent increase in output of large power plant returns huge benefits to the economy and the environment.

The dedicated lab housing research jointly conducted by GE and the Silesian University of Technology.

Tapping Silesian University’s research community and its fundamental research helps GE’s Global Research Centre create critical innovations that will shape the energy landscape of the future.

In 2013 GE also partnered with the Gdańsk University of Technology to develop a new masters program focused on subsea technology for the oil and gas industry. This new academic track aims to educate world-class engineers, some of whom could eventually work at the EDC. Classes are conducted by University lecturers and EDC engineers. In addition to university courses, enrolled students have the opportunity to undertake full-time salaried internships at EDC Oil & Gas.

The EDC and the Institute of Aviation are working with the Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) to develop solutions for the aviation and the oil & gas sectors. As part of this academic partnership the EDC also offers qualified WUT students internship opportunities at the EDC’s Warsaw campus.