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GE Aviation in Pakistan

GE Aviation in Pakistan

Powering a century of flight, GE has led the transformation of the aviation industry worldwide and been a partner in the sector’s development for more than 40 years in Pakistan. Today, GE and its joint venture partners power more than 60% of Pakistani commercial aircraft, including PIA, Shaheen Air, Air Blue and Air Indus.

With IATA estimates projecting international passenger traffic growth of 6.7% per annum between 2012 through 2017 in Pakistan, GE is uniquely positioned to help meet the aviation industry’s needs and to connect people and goods within and beyond the country.



The CF6 engine family is the cornerstone of the widebody engine aircraft business. For more than 40 years, the CF6 engine family has established an impressive operational record, compiling nearly 400 million flight hours, powering more than 13 different aircraft types and accumulating over 100 million flight cycles in service.


The CFM56 is produced by a 50/50 joint venture between GE and France’s Snecma. It is the world’s best-selling aircraft engine with nearly 26,000 engines delivered to more than 500 customers around the world.


The GE90 series of engines are built exclusively for Boeing's 777 aircraft and are the world’s most powerful turbofan engine, with the GE90-115B holding the world record for 127,900 lbs. of thrust. GE also introduced the first ever composite fan blade in commercial aviation on the GE90. The lighter blades reduce the weight of the engine and help lower fuel burn, contributing to substantial cost savings and lower emissions.