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グリーンパワーインベストメントとGEリニューアブルエナジーが 日本の陸上風力発電案件で合意

September 07, 2022
GEリニューアブルエナジーは4.2-117陸上風力タービンを19基供給(発電容量合計:79.8MW) 当該タービンはグリーンパワーインベストメントが事業開発を行うグリーンパワー深浦風力発電事業(青森県)に導入予定 【東京:2022年9月7日】GEリニューアブルエナジーはこの度、株式会社グリーンパワーインベストメント(以下GPI)からグリーンパワー深浦風力発電事業(青森県西津軽郡深浦町)…

GE’s STATCOM system to improve grid stability in Germany

September 01, 2022
Today’s transmission grids are expected to carry power in ways they were never originally designed to accommodate, resulting in utility and transmission network operators worldwide turning to GE’s…

UK companies demonstrate new tech solutions to aid future offshore wind maintenance

August 31, 2022
Two UK companies have effectively demonstrated innovative technology solutions, alongside GE Renewable Energy and the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult, to support future offshore wind…

EU affirms confidence in GE’s g³ technology by co-funding development of its 245 kV SF₆-free g³ gas-insulated substation

August 31, 2022
EU’s LIFE program recognizes potential of GE Renewable Energy’s g3 insulating and switching gas as an alternative to sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) to help significantly cut global greenhouse gas…

GE to unveil Grid technology innovations at CIGRE 2022

August 25, 2022
Focusing on four of the biggest challenges facing the grid, specifically modernization, decarbonization, digitization and electrification, GE Renewable Energy’s Grid Solutions business spotlights its…

GE Bringing Instrumentation to “Flex” Hydropower’s Muscle

August 12, 2022
GE Research awarded $4.3 million project from the U.S. Department of Energy to develop cost-effective, easy-to-implement method to enable more flexible operation of hydro turbines.  Will outfit…

GE’s Colin Davidson receives HVDC award from the IEEE Power & Energy Society

July 28, 2022
Colin Davidson, High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Consulting Engineer at GE Renewable Energy’s Grid Solutions business, awarded the IEEE Power & Energy Society’s Uno Lamm High Voltage Direct…

GE Unveils Brand Names for Three Planned Future Public Companies

July 18, 2022
All Three Companies will Continue to Benefit from GE Heritage  Healthcare business to be named GE HealthCare GE’s portfolio of energy businesses, including GE Renewable Energy, GE Power, GE Digital…

GE and KAPES awarded contract to power South Korea’s electric grid using latest HVDC technology

July 14, 2022
GE and KAPES, a KEPCO-GE joint venture, to add a 500-MW high voltage direct current (HVDC) link to South Korea’s electric grid The Shin-bupyeong project, located in Incheon west of Seoul, will…

GE’s g3 technology accelerates Denmark’s decarbonization efforts

July 12, 2022
GE has been awarded a contract from Energinet for two F35g 145 kV SF6-free g3 gas-insulated substations (GIS) g3 substations will be installed at the Amagerværket (AMV) and Vigerslev Koblingsstation…