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GE Marine ve TEI, LM2500 Deniz Gaz Türbinlerinin Bakım, Onarım ve Revizyonları için Lisans Anlaşması İmzaladı

April 18, 2023
Evendale, Ohio; 18 Nisan 2023: GE Marine, Eskişehir’de kurulu TEI (TUSAŞ Motor Sanayii, A.Ş.) ile bir lisans anlaşması imzaladı. Anlaşmayla TEI, GE’nin LM2500 deniz gaz türbinlerinin bakımı, onarımı…

China Airlines Completes its Asset Records Solution With Adoption of GE Digital’s Record Management System

September 14, 2022
Single cloud-based solution is designed to help operators to digitize, index, and archive maintenance records and connect records to internal and external operations Airline seeks digital records…

GE Digital’s Airspace Insight to Help Qantas Improve Airspace Efficiency

July 19, 2022
Data-driven collaboration with air traffic agencies helps airlines to burn less fuel, emit less carbon, and travel fewer miles Graphical depiction of what is going on at a single airport, or across…

GE Digital Joins with Airbus and Delta TechOps in Digital Alliance for Fleet Health Monitoring and Diagnostics Solutions

July 01, 2021
Expanding partnership combines expertise in digital analytics, aircraft systems, and airline and maintenance operations Added predictive maintenance capabilities further benefit 140 airlines engaged…

GE Digital’s FlightPulse® Mobile App Provides Airline Pilots Insight from Flight Prep to Flight Assessment

March 09, 2021
GE Digital and Qantas join forces to enhance flight prep for pilots FlightPulse adds a combined pre- and post-flight app; New Pre-flight module allows pilots to be better informed before they fly…

GE Digital Launching Solution to Optimize Airline Function via Teradata

February 11, 2021
Flight Data Link integrates flight analytics with operational business data  Integrating with Teradata Vantage helps airlines eliminate silos and cost-effectively query all their data to get a…

GE Aviation’s Digital Group Joins GE Digital

December 01, 2020
Software-as-a-Service business provides digital solutions across the aviation industry with data-driven insights for commercial airlines and business jet operators Aviation software solutions drive…


September 15, 2014
美国俄亥俄州EVENDALE,2014年9月4日------首架以GEnx-1B 发动机为动力的波音787-9梦想飞机已于近日获得美国联邦航空管理局的适航证,并于9月4日交付给美国联合航空公司。这次交付代表着两个第一:第一架由GEnx发动机提供动力的波音787-9梦想飞机交付;第一架交付给北美航空公司的波音787-9飞机。 "首架采用GEnx发动机的波音787-…


September 11, 2014
美国俄亥俄州EVENDALE,2014年8月26日------用于波音777X飞机的GE9X发动机将采用比任何在役的GE宽体发动机更少、更薄的复合材料风扇叶片。为此,GE正在设计使用新一代碳纤维复合材料的新型复合材料风扇叶片。 "自GE为GEnx发动机设计新型复合材料风扇叶片到现在已经有十年的时间了,"GE90/GE9X发动机项目总经理比尔.米尔汉姆(Bill Millhaem)表示。"…

Cfm关于海南航空订购leap-1b为动力的737max 8的声明

July 17, 2014
英国范堡罗航展,2014年7月16日---CFM对于海南航空将订购50架以CFM发动机为动力的波音737MAX飞机的承诺感到非常高兴。我们期待着与海南航空(以及波音公司)于近期确认完成此笔订单。最终订单的总价值将达13亿美元(目录价)。 海南航空于1993年接收了首架以CFM56为动力的波音737飞机并开始运营,自此成为CFM用户。 LEAP-1B发动机是波音737 MAX飞机的唯一动力装置,…