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Video: Gen. Alexander on Keeping the Industrial Internet Safe

October 01, 2015
You may remember four-star General Keith Alexander as the first head of the United States Cyber Command. Now, in the private sector, he’s helping industrial companies protect themselves against hackers. He says that as the number of connected machines and devices grows, so will the potential lines of attack. He sees the vulnerabilities not so much on the enterprise side, but in connected industrial operations – one of fastest growing segments of the Industrial Internet. “There is no cyber legislation that allows industry and government to work together seamlessly to prevent cyber exploits and attacks,” he says. “I doesn’t exist, it needs to exist.”
This week, GE Reports caught up with him at the Minds + Machines conference in San Francisco, where some 1,300 visitors were talking about the present and the future of connected machines and the Industrial Internet. Take a look.