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The Sunken Frontier: These Machines Will Map the Bottom of the Sea

June 04, 2015
A dozen people have walked on the moon and nearly 4,000 have stood on top of Mt. Everest. But only three humans have ventured the other way to Challenger Deep, the seabed’s deepest point. There, seven cold and dark miles below the surface, the water pressure feels like an entire elephant standing on your big toe.
The deep ocean is our planet’s last unexplored frontier. Water covers 70 percent of the Earth’s surface, but the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration estimates that we have seen no more than 5 percent of the seafloor.


No wonder scientists and companies alike want to know more about this vast landscape rich in both life and resources. GE has recently teamed up with Vice to find out how we will map the sunken world.

The video is part of a nine-part YouTube series called the Invention Factory. It deals with subjects such as robot evolution, the future of flight, and the quest for eternal life. Take a look.