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The Science Behind A Punch

June 17, 2015
Last weekend, the world witnessed what most would call the ‘Fight of the Century’ – the highly anticipated showdown between Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao (Pacman). With the world glued to their TV screens, Mayweather won the battle.

Did you know that the total estimated earnings for the match was USD 300 million? 60% (USD 180 million) of the earnings goes to Mayweather while the remaining 40% (USD 120 million) goes to Pacman. This means that Mayweather earned USD 83,000 per second and Pacquiao earned USD 55,555 per second during the match.

What a knockout !

Speaking about knockouts, do you ever wonder about what goes on in your brain when you get punched? The infographic below shows the process that goes on internally. It is not as pretty as it seems. Read on to find out more.