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The Industrial Internet: Transforming Oil & Gas

October 07, 2014
The Industrial Internet: Transforming Oil & Gas

The evolution of Industrial Internet is changing the way we work. The machines are talking and they are telling us what they know. They are churning big amounts of data to help us form ideas and strategies and as a result, helps increase productivity. With these data, we at GE, are empowering our people to make better, faster and safer decisions. We are solving real-time problems, faster. The three key pillars required for Industrial Internet to work are smart sensors, big data analytic, and the talent and expertise to interpret the data. We are constantly developing solutions for our customer, across sectors, to help customers identify maintenance problems before they occur, improve fuel efficiency, and make other operational improvements that could add up to trillions of dollars in savings. Find out more about how industrial internet can make a difference to the oil and gas industry. The future begins today.

This video originally appeared on GE Software.