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IB Innovation Barometer

Is Innovation Just A Buzzword? We’ve Asked Some Innovation Captains

June 16, 2016
GE recently launched its fifth edition of their Global Innovation Barometer. The Barometer explores how the perception of innovation is changing in a complex, globalized environment, and how markets appreciate the framework for innovation their country has developed.
We spoke to GE Malaysia chief operating officer Azli Mohamed, Agensi Innovasi Malaysia (AIM) corporate sector innovation and strategic impacts projects executive vice president Abdullah Arshad and Google Malaysia head of marketing Jon Day to get their thoughts on innovation.


#1 Malaysian business executives are mindful of the developments that are changing the face of innovation but what is it that needs to be done for Malaysian companies to get there? We spoke to Abdullah Arshad who is the Executive Vice President, Agensi Innovasi Malaysia (AIM) on the government’s point of view.

Start with education, we need to produce graduates who excel at more than rote memorisation

#2 This year’s Barometer explores how the perception of innovation is changing in a complex, globalized environment. But why commission the study at all?

How crucial is Innovation when measuring progress among different countries & organisations?  We spoke to Azli Mohamed who is the Chief Operating Officer of GE Malaysia to get his thoughts.

The consensus that innovation is key points to an acceptance that digitization will drive change in our operating ecosystems.


#3 90% of Malaysian business executives think that the most innovative companies create new markets that didn’t previously exist. So how does one find the balance to innovate without disrupting the market? Jon Day, who is the head of marketing at Google Malaysia shares his views.

“It’s interesting that many markets, including Malaysia, do prefer to have more incremental innovation versus disruptive innovation. I think it’s probably because it’s more of a comfort factor. It’s dipping your toes in the water versus jumping in all the way.”


#4 We spoke to people who are heavily involved in the innovation sector but what does innovation means to consumers like us? Listen to how Melisa Melina Idris, Presenter & Producer of BFM Media defines it.

“Innovation is a progress. You can’t not innovate. You have to. It’s something that you need to do. And the quicker we realize that, the longer we survive.”