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GE Reconditioning Workshop in Phu My, Vietnam

August 17, 2016
In today’s challenging economic environment, increasingly power companies and Oil & Gas industry professionals are looking to expand the life-cycle of their machinery to meet demand while maintaining cost-effective plants.
Reconditioning key parts and OEM equipment helps to ensure that technological standards and resultant efficiency levels are constantly being met, while ensuring risks are kept to a minimum. Yet these challenges must be faced while adhering to the tight budgets brought about by wider economic conditions.

What was needed in the region was a service provider that could offer these services, located at a geographically beneficial site, ensuring the savings required in an area where it can most readily deliver them. The GE Reconditioning Workshop in Phu My, Vietnam, a joint venture between GE and Vietnam Electricity (EVN), seeks to do just that.



International Reconditioning Services, Regional Location

GE, utilising resources gained in the acquisition of energy company Alstom, now offer their internationally recognised reconditioning services to aid power and O&G companies within the region. These services keep plants in top form, while offering highly competitive repair costs that meet the requirements of stringent economising plans. The plant provides an expert focus on reconditioning turbine hot gas paths and combustor parts, while also delivering site-specific services and targeted solutions to the region. In this way GE’s Phu My plant can offer Asian customers key services tailored to their specific needs.

For the first time ever in Vietnam, thermal spraying technology (namely Atmospheric Plasma Spraying [APS] and High Velocity Oxy-Fuel Spraying [HVOF]) have been introduced, a new process that promotes higher coating density and lower oxide content.

Being closer to home, the provider promises faster turnaround times and more cost-efficient transportation fees without compromising on quality. At maximum capacity the plan can refurbish 300 sets of gas turbine components per year. Alongside this, the benefit of an in-house metallurgical laboratory, to meet material testing needs, deliver faster lead times on projects.

These service benefits inevitably lead to the customer experiencing positive changes in both revenue and profit.



More than Just New Services for Asia

The plant delivers a wider benefit to Vietnam and the region, creating approximately 140 specialised jobs and introducing new, advanced technological services. The new technologies used and perfected in the plant mean a new era of power service provision for all of Asia.

Managed and operated by GE, this joint venture leverages GE technology and Vietnam Electricity (EVN)’s strong presence in Vietnam, with the benefits of a location in the heart of Asia. The Phu My plant sees GE providing the technology with EVN support in the provision of access to new market segments, whilst also benefitting from world-leading fleet maintenance by GE.

GE’s Phu My plant isn’t simply the addition of another service provider to a saturated landscape. The capabilities and expertise on offer usher in new growth for the region in the area of plant optimisation. The location of this plant in Vietnam helps to cultivate local expertise, offering a fertile training ground for Asian engineers to build their knowledge and hone their skills.

The Phu My plant not only delivers a clear and immediate benefit to customers, delivering advanced efficiency in challenging economic conditions, but contributes to a robust landscape going forward, helping to build the future skills of a region.