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Expanding World-Class Execution with FieldCore’s New Manila Global Service Excellence Center

March 15, 2019
What does excellence look like? At FieldCore, a GE company, it looks like world-class execution on a global scale. With the recent launch of the company’s Manila Global Service Excellence Center (MGSC), that end-to-end commitment to excellence just took an important step forward in ASEAN.
FieldCore is an industrial field services company that’s passionate about delivering critical and effective solutions to its customers. That offer is founded on the extensive combined talent of GE’s Power Services business and Granite Services, establishing a new global powerhouse in field services. This is a company inspired by innovation, and powered by a drive to deliver simple, nimble and fast solutions for its customers.

Welcoming the new Manila Global Service Excellence Center (MGSC)


The newly established MGSC forms a vital part of FieldCore’s global proposition, proving seamless service and administration support for partners around the world. Jocot de Dios, CEO of GE Philippines, highlights how crucial this new center is for a truly world-class service.

“We’re not merely just back office or backroom operations actually. This is the heart of the organization, because if things don’t work in terms of your financing, finances, accounting, your payroll, then nothing happens to you. So, it plays a critical role, and I’m happy that it’s peopled by a lot of energetic and dynamic professionals who actually bring world class service locally and can stand toe to toe with anyone around the region, around the globe.”

This new Center of Excellence brings together over 150 employees in key supporting roles for FieldCore’s global operations. It combines essential support functions such as payroll, business operational support, finance, tax, and information technology (IT). The Manila office complements the operations of FieldCore’s established global Center of Excellence in Tampa, USA. Melinda Cabase, Finance Director of MGSC, explains how that important synergy works to support global operations.

“The Manila Global Service Excellence Center is one of our COEs for FieldCore. We also have a team in the US in Tampa. So, while they are sleeping, we are working. We go hand in hand with the other COE to support our teams globally.”

Delivering excellence in Manila


The establishment of FieldCore’s new global Center of Excellence in Manila reflects over 15 years of excellence in operations within the Philippines. It is not simply the benefit of global time zones that support the company’s on-going commitment to this base of operations, but a firm belief in the talent and opportunity that Manila represents. That is the view of Brent Borders, Global Human Resources Leader at FieldCore.

“Manila is unique. The team here is dynamic, it’s resilient, it’s passionate. It has its own set of fun characteristics that we’re going to grow as we support the globe. Our talent development programs are going to enable and support that.” 

Fundamental to delivering excellence will be FieldCore’s commitment not just to its partners, but to the employees that form the foundation of the company’s operations. This focus is driven by the simple, nimble, fast approach that is at the core of how FieldCore operates. Mike Kemp, General Manager of FieldCore Asia-Pacific, spells out what that means in practice.

“I think simple, nimble, fast is really the way we need to transform the way we work. We need to wean out the bureaucracy that’s not adding value. We need to get people to focus on what’s important. Then freeing up time for people to spend time with their family as well as the amount of time they spend at work. And I think that’s a great opportunity in Philippines, to really try and improve that work life balance.”

Supporting a future of world-class execution


The new Manila Global Service Excellence Center is a vital part of FieldCore’s, and GE’s, continued commitment to supporting global partners with world-class execution.

FieldCore is a business dedicated to helping customers maximize performance, minimize risk, and deliver consistently outstanding services at different locations around the globe.

Ensuring smooth delivery on that commitment requires a seamless end-to-end operating environment supported by talented staff with a true passion for what they do. With this new Center of Excellence at the heart of ASEAN, FieldCore’s world-class execution can now benefit from a passionate new base to deliver effective global solutions in partnership.