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Decoding Genius

Decoding Genius: A podcast series to challenge your mind

October 27, 2016
What are five characteristics of geniuses? They are insatiable in their need to know, they are altruistic, they have a tenacious appetite for work, they’re personable and they’re humble.
Decoding Genius, GE’s new podcast series, explores genius through six extraordinaty young minds who are changing the world with their creations. It shimmers with light-bulb moments and will challenge your perceptions of what it means to be brilliant.

Young genius and star of Episode one, Kelcie Miller-Anderson, examining her potentially billion dollar discovery.

In this first episode of Decoding Genius, host Lily Serna, mathematician, and television presenter, begins teasing out what experts and geniuses themselves can reveal about the mysterious, mind-blowing world of IQs above 145.

Decoding Genius begins today, October 27. Download or subscribe here.