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CEPSI 2018 Offers A Glimpse Into The Future Of Energy

September 13, 2018
Innovation and greater collaboration among energy stakeholders, especially consumers, are some of the key trends predicted to shape the future of the energy sector.
These trends, and breakthrough technologies will be discussed and debated at the upcoming Conference of Power and Electricity Supply Industry 2018 (CEPSI 2018) in Kuala Lumpur from September 17 to 22.

Energy experts from around the world will share their insights and predictions about the energy ecosystem of the future at CEPSI. As a Platinum Sponsor of the event, GE speakers will also offer their views and insights on power sector opportunities and challenges ahead.

For example, Zubin Postwalla, Marketing Leader for China and East Asia Pacific Grid Solutions business will deliver a keynote speech covering Innovations and Smart Solutions in the Electricity Supply Industry. In addition to his keynote, GE energy experts will present 22 technical papers – here’s a sneak preview of some of the topical subjects, ideas, and excerpts they will cover.

Gas Power Systems

Gas Power Case Studies in Asia


Distributed gas power technology is providing innovative solutions to meet Asia’s growing power demand and this session covers positive case studies in Southeast Asia.

“GE was the first company to introduce 2-stage turbocharging gas engines in 2010, and since then more than 350 units have been delivered around the world in the 4.5 to 10 MW output range. They are used for all types of applications, from baseload captive power and IPP installations to peaking and combined heat and power applications.

“Two-stage turbocharging technology allows power producers to increase an engine’s output and achieve higher electrical efficiency. In addition to better performance, this technology allows operators to run the engine at full power without derating at higher ambient temperatures and higher site elevations. The higher electrical efficiency and sustainable output at higher ambient temperatures make GE’s 2-stage turbocharging gas engines an excellent fit for Southeast Asia installations.  

“In this paper, we will discuss the technology and our field experience with 2-stage turbocharging gas engines. Case studies from installations in Southeast Asia will explain customers’ applications and operating experiences with distributed power plants in the 5 to 50 MW range based on 2-stage turbocharging gas engines.”


Renewable Reservoir – Flexible, Modular Energy Storage  width=

Creating an affordable solution to store large amounts of energy generated from renewable sources (to use on days when there is no sun or wind) is a challenge that engineers are getting closer to meeting. GE’s Reservoir solution for example, offers flexibility, customization, and scale designed to meet the needs of modern energy networks.

“An aging power grid needs massive investment while renewable energy sources require a more localized approach to storage and distribution. The rise of electric cars is further straining the infrastructure. Clean energy, environmental policy, and technological advances are rapidly reshaping the world’s electrical grids, creating a range of new challenges but also exciting new opportunities.”

“A battery energy storage solution offers new application flexibility and unlocks new business value across the value chain, from power generation, transmission & distribution, and renewables, to industrial and commercial sectors.”

Steam Power

Optimizing Steam Turbines width=

Optimizing the efficiency of existing steam turbines is a priority for power generators, and this presentation will profile solutions GE developed to maximize the efficiency of turbine networks.

“There are various ways of preserving the efficiency of the turbine, ranging from as simple as a steam path audit to a major retrofit.”

“The Steam Path Audit methodology provides a framework to minimize the lifetime efficiency degradation from the ‘as new’ condition. A retrofit, on the other hand, replaces old technology with current designs and provides an efficiency uplift. The retrofit scope maximizes reuse of existing equipment to ensure the scope is optimized only to the components that impact efficiency to ensure a cost-effective solution.”

Power Services

Improving Grid Security and Machine Reliability


In the future, more home and business owners are expected to generate power from solar panels to power some, or most of their energy needs. This trend will present increasingly complex challenges for power supply operators – especially their efforts to ensure grid reliability and connectivity. This challenge however, can be overcome with new power plant testing processes.

“The operation and planning of a large interconnected system is always a challenge due to complexities associated with transmission network and variation in generation and demand. Moreover, there will always be some uncertainty associated with demand prediction.”

“Higher penetration of renewable generation is also expected to increase uncertainty associated with generation. The availability of accurate technical data and analytical tools can help operation and planning engineers to better manage uncertainty associated with prediction of generation and demand, as well as operate the grid more efficiently and reliably. This paper presents benefits of field testing of generators and controls to improve the accuracy of planning and operation of grid.”

Intelligent Analytics

Optimizing Data Analytics


Like other industrial players, energy companies are embracing digital solutions to enhance operating efficiencies, and this session covers a case study of data analytics program run by a North American utility.

 “In 2017, a large North American utility company started an industry-leading business intelligence data analytics project that joins cloud IoT analytics to traditional analytics applications, Asset Performance Management (APM) and implementation services, to create strong, efficient and truly intelligent networks.”

Expert Insights

With over 1,500 attendees expected from more than 30 countries across almost a week of events, CEPSI 2018 will offer unrivalled insights into the electricity supply industry of the future. This preview offers just a brief look at what GE has to offer. A full list of expert articles due to be presented by GE can be found below.

  1. Integrating High Renewable in India Power System – A Production Simulation Study for 2022

  2. A Novel Method for Capacity Value Estimation to Assess the Reliability of Indian Power System for Renewable Integration in 2022

  3. Reservoir Solutions: Flexible, Modular Energy Storage Solutions Unlocking Value Across the Electricity Network

  4. A Case Study on Digital Utility Transformation – Bridging People, Process and Technology to Drive Operational Efficiency

  5. Gas Engine Case Studies in Asia

  6. Increased Availability of Metaclad Distribution Switchgear Through Arc Flash Detection

  7. Cybersecurity for Shared Infrastructure Substation Networks with IEC 61850 Goose and Sampled Values

  8. Business Case for IEC 61850 – Beyond Copper Wire Savings

  9. Process Bus Busbar Protection – A Novel Solution to Eliminate Conventional Busbar Protection Complaints and a Stepping Stone Towards Digital Substations

  10. Accurate Small DC Measures in the Presence of Large AC with a Digital Optical CT

  11. Travelling Wave Fault Location on HVDC Lines

  12. Utilizing Data Analysis Applications to Implement an Effective Asset Performance Management Strategy

  13. General Electric Using of Advanced Non-Intrusive Inspection Methods For Full Condition Assessment of HV Equipment

  14. GSU Transformer Upgrade Following to an Uprating of Gas Turbine Generator

  15. Experience in Asset Performance Management Analytics for Decision Support on Transmission Assets

  16. Case Study: Transformer Maintenance – Assessing the Mechanical Integrity of the Active Part

  17. Collaborative Control Innovations in LV Network Management

  18. Use Cases for Intelligent Networks Through Business Intelligence Data Analytics

  19. Improving Low Load Operation Reliability and Ignition Stability on Coal Fired Steam Generators

  20. Long Term Efficiency Preservation of Existing Steam Turbines

  21. Technologies Deployed in GE’s Digital Steam Power Plant

  22. Plant Upgrades for Improved Efficiency