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#WorldStrokeDay: GE Healthcare & Circle Neurovascular Imaging Announce A New Collaboration To Enhance Acute Stroke Care with #AI

October 29, 2021

Chicago, October 29, 2021: Today – World Stroke Day – GE Healthcare is proud to announce its collaboration with Circle Neurovascular Imaging (Circle NVI) to provide health systems with innovative and clinically validated AI-powered solutions to enhance acute stroke care. GE Healthcare’s expanded FastStroke processing platform, including AI-based tools from Circle NVI, will help frontline clinicians in the triage and diagnosis of acute stroke.

Stroke is the second leading cause of disability and mortality worldwide.[i] Affecting 15 million people globally, it leads to approximately five million deaths and leaves another five million patients permanently disabled every year.[ii] For every minute left untreated, the average patient loses 1.9 million neurons, corresponding to an accelerated aging of more than three weeks.[iii] Fortunately, advances in diagnostic imaging and stroke therapeutics can alleviate this burden.[iv],[v]

“When treating stroke patients, every second counts,” explains Dr. Bijoy Menon, Chief Medical Officer of Circle NVI and Professor at the University of Calgary. “Early identification and accurate diagnosis of acute stroke is critical for achieving good patient outcomes, yet timely and accurate image interpretation and communication of results is challenging to achieve at the frontline. Cutting-edge technologies - like FastStroke and StrokeSENS LVOi– enable frontline physicians to get involved earlier by automatically flagging suspected stroke cases, as well as supporting the timely evaluation of the patient through automated workflows and advanced decision aid tools.”

GE Healthcare’s expanded FastStroke solution helps expedite CT stroke workups by automatically loading and processing CT studies and communicating with the stroke team via emails – providing a comprehensive workflow solution with exceptional flexibility and simplicity. This, together with AI-based tools from Circle NVI, will provide a comprehensive software platform combining automated workflow and diagnostic aids to help frontline physicians make faster and more appropriate acute stroke management decisions.

“Our mission is to create software to enhance and support the acute stroke pathway using simple and pragmatic imaging strategies,” says Richard Clark, CEO of Circle NVI. “Now, in collaboration with GE Healthcare, we can deliver cutting-edge AI-based tools, such as the StrokeSENS LVO software, to thousands of healthcare systems around the world, which care for millions of patients, making these advanced imaging solutions more accessible to front-line clinicians.”

“Every minute matters when caring for a patient,” adds Jean-Luc Procaccini, President & CEO, Molecular Imaging & Computed Tomography, GE Healthcare. “That’s why we developed our automated FastStroke processing platform, which combined with the effortless workflow on our CT scanner, allows clinicians to focus on patient care and improve outcomes. By combining Circle NVI’s solutions with FastStroke, clinicians will benefit from advanced image processing and streamlined workflow, enabling stroke teams to make faster and more accurate clinical decisions for better patient outcomes.”

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About GE Healthcare:

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About Circle Neurovascular Imaging

Circle Neurovascular Imaging (Circle NVI), a majority owned subsidiary of Circle Cardiovascular Imaging (Circle CVI), established in collaboration with members of the Calgary Stroke Program, is focused on developing technologies to simplify the acute stroke pathway using novel and pragmatic imaging strategies.

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