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Press Release

Váci Greens Medical Center opened within the framework of an extraordinary cooperation

June 29, 2017

Affidea Diagnostics and Főnix-Med set the opening ceremony of their new private clinic, Váci Greens Medical Center. The opening center provides modern imaging diagnostics and a wide range of medical specialists in one of Budapest’s most developing business quarter, which is also home for General Electric (GE). Besides GE employees, the clinic is easily accessible for the inhabitants of the district and the agglomeration as well. Although its location is favourable, as a regional reference center its mission is more far-reaching. 

On 22nd June Váci Greens Medical Center is one of the jewels of the Hungarian private healthcare sector. It was realized in the exceptional cooperation of significant big companies within the framework of an HUF 1.2 billion investment. As one of the biggest clients of GE ordering diagnostic equipments Affidea has a long-standing relationship with GE, while Főnix-Med works together with the global company in the field of occupational medicine. By their partnership the regional reference center could be established, where the companies expect the patients providing the best of their shared knowledge and services.

The medical center operated by Affidea and Főnix-Med is a milestone in terms of the Hungarian private healthcare sector, since the two services join their strengths in order to treat the patient in the best way possible. 

At the Váci Greens Medical Center’s opening ceremony, besides Affidea Diagnostics’ and Főnix-Med’s strategic partners, Dr. László Szabó, Minister of State of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade participated as guest of honor. In his greeting speech he appreciated the concept of Váci Greens Medical Center. ‘The fact that these two participants of the market can overcome the competition and found a partnership is not only beneficial for the companies concerned of private patients, but also for the development of the healthcare industry. The engine of economic growth is the use of high value-added, innovative solutions, and the medical center which providing the most modern GE technology is a great example for this’ - said Dr. László Szabó Minister.

The clinic's currently available services include the medical examination of several specializations: internal medicine, orthopaedics, cardiology, dermatology, gynaecology, urology, heart ultrasound, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, dentistry (dentistry and dental panorama, RTG), and the physiotherapy. In addition, the Center will expand its range with other specializations (allergology, diabetology, endocrinology, rheumatology, neurology, sports medicine, aviation medicine) during the year.

Besides the specializations the Váci Greens Medical Center provides a wide range of preventive screening tests to their corporate and private clients.

Furthermore, the new clinic owns a unique machine park that presents the latest technology of GE to the patients. Thus, this is the first time that the GE MR equipment of 3 Tesla with the largest gradient is available in Hungary for those who choose private healthcare services. But the 3-dimensional mammography is also unique, the patients can adjust force of compression themselves, which makes the process more comfortable. Moreover the CT equipment of 128 slices and the most modern ultrasound and the digital X-ray equipment provide high-end diagnostic in the center. ‘GE diagnostic equipment used in Váci Greens Medical Center forecast the innovative era of medical service, patient care and service. We are proud to be part of the establishment of a medical center in the partnership of Affidea and Főnix-Med that offers high quality service for wide range of people choosing private health care and for GE co-workers’ - said Joerg Bauer, president of GE Hungary.

Beside the acceleration of the sector, the private clinic opens a new horizon for medical society too. György Leitner, the CEO of Affidea Diagnostic emphasised the importance of the education center. ‘By the establishment of Váci Greens Medical Center, we wanted to ensure opportunities - that have not been available earlier - to the doctors, our colleagues beside our patients. So we established an education center on the first floor of the center, in which we plan to share the secrets of modern diagnostic procedures during training programmes. Beside the theoretical education, professionals can observe the different equipment in operation’ - said György Leitner.

The realisation of the complex concept means a large-scale investment, at which criteria for specialist consultation, diagnostic examination, organisation of trainings and events was needed to take into account. ‘By designing the clinic, we had to meet with several criteria that are needed to provide high level of physical and other criteria that provide the maximal comfort to patients. Főnix was looking for the location of their new clinic in Pest beside their successful clinic in Buda. So it is a great pleasure for us to find the most ideal place and the most suitable partner for the implementation of our new premise’ - highlighted in his speech Gábor Tunkli, managing director of Főnix Medical Center. After the welcome speech of the honored guest and the representatives of partner companies, the guests of the opening ceremony had the change to visit the most modern medical center of Hungary.  

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