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Proficy Historian for Grid Improves Decision Making with Enterprise Industrial Data Management for Transmission and Distribution

May 23, 2022
  • Enterprise historian is designed to allow utilities to leverage data for better decision making in the operations center by consolidating data across the grid
  • Cloud deployment can reduce time and costs with deployment in the data center or in the cloud

SAN RAMON, Calif. – MAY 23, 2022 --  GE Digital today announced that Proficy® Historian, an enterprise industrial data management solution that is designed to deliver efficient and secure-by-design data storage, and analysis, is now available for electric utilities. Integrated with GE Digital’s Advanced Energy Management System (AEMS) and Advanced Distribution Management Solutions (ADMS) software, Proficy Historian for Grid empowers engineers and operators to make better and faster decisions as a single source of OT data. 

With Proficy Historian for Grid, utilities can help reduce complexity and enable new value creation by leveraging different categories of data from a single source. Utilities can optimize data storage (RTU, PMU, AMI, billing, weather sensors, and forecast data) and use integrated utility data management to improve data storage, visualization, analysis, reporting, and analytics.

Proven and used by thousands of companies around the world, Proficy Historian is designed to  simplify industrial data management and help reduces costs by collecting and distributing grid data.

“Our use of Proficy Historian for Grid will center around reducing complexity and costs with a single source of OT data,” said an official in charge for Rajasthan Rajya Vidyut Prasaran Nigam Limited (RRVPNL), an India-based energy company. “We are also looking to increase control room awareness by directly visualizing real-time events alongside historical data from within our SCADA.”

Proficy Historian for Grid helps utilities achieve faster time to value and increase reliability with an integrated, single vendor solution across the enterprise that enables operators to make better decisions and also accelerates the work of analysts and data scientists to find operational efficiencies by combining a wide variety of data sources and enabling advanced analytics – on-prem or in the cloud. In addition, Proficy Historian for Grid allows utilities to leverage IT cloud investments and easily move time-stamped, organized OT data to the cloud, using the only native-cloud industrial historian on AWS.

“Utilities are inundated with massive and growing data sets, from SCADA systems, line sensors, transformer sensors, smart meters, and more,” said Michael Kelly, senior research analyst and managing consultant, Guidehouse Insights. “These challenges will be exacerbated as the proliferation of DERs continues to scale upwards; the number of customer-sited DERs, and types of DERs, is growing exponentially in some areas of the globe. The past decade has also witnessed a rapid transition to the cloud, catching most of the industry by surprise. On the storage side, cloud computing has led to a rapid reduction in data management costs and higher efficiencies for different analytics applications. Utilities should be investigating the merits of cloud storage options, as on-premise data storage is becoming increasingly unfeasible or illogical to support the efficiency, flexibility, and scalability requirements of the future.

“Exciting to see the progress made by GE Digital with its cloud-native operational data historian,” Kelly with Guidehouse Insights continued. “Cloud-based solutions like Proficy Historian for Grid offer electric utilities with a cost-effective mechanism for alleviating these data storage challenges while simultaneously enabling new efficiencies to be realized across the enterprise.”

“Proficy Historian for Grid adds to the robust solution set for grid management and modernization and is a great step forward for utilities dealing with the challenges of the energy transition,” said Scott Reese, CEO of GE Digital. “With the flexibility from this combined software set, electric utilities around the world can increase reliability of the grid.”

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