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Press Release

Poland Among the Frontrunners with GE Discovery IQ Scanner, the 4th in Europe

April 26, 2016

March 2015 - A new, ultra-modern GE Healthcare PET/CT scanner Discovery IQ was recently introduced to the PET/CT Affidea Diagnostic Center in Wroclaw. This new scanner will serve patients from all over Poland, who will have access to one of the most advanced devices of its type in Europe.
It is the first in Poland and only the fourth in Europe. With the new design of the LightBurst PET detector in the latest PET/CT scanner Discovery IQ, it offers the highest sensitivity of detector currently available on the medical market. At the same time the so-called ‘effective field of view’ of the detector is nearly two times wider than other available solutions. Because of  its high sensitivity and wide coverage, the oncology PET exam time can be reduced from the standard of about 20 minutes to just four to five minutes.
“We see how much this examination is needed for our patients. Most of the doctors working with us cannot imagine any oncology treatment without the results of this technology,” stressed Zbigniew Podgajny, Head of Affidea Wrocław Nuclear Medicine Center at the opening.
This technology helps clinicians determine the location of the primary lesion of cancer and assists cancer staging and the assessment of recurrence of the disease. In some types of cancer it can help assess the effectiveness of the treatment, the patient’s individual response to a therapeutic method used, e.g. chemotherapy, and guide clinicians towards the further process of patient treatment in oncology and radiotherapy planning.
“GE has been developing medical technologies for years. These technologies aid clinicians in diagnosis at the very initial phase of a disease and help adjust treatment to the needs of the individual. We also work on increasing patients’ comfort during the examination process - the device should work quietly and the examination should be as noninvasive as possible,” said Beata Stelmach, GE’s CEO for Poland and the Baltics.

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