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Press Release

Parent Power Awarded: The Value of Diversity and the Working Parents Program

May 13, 2016

November 2015 - In recent years, the GE Hungary Working Parents Program volunteer leadership team has made great efforts to launch and standardize a complex, cross-country and cross-business Working Parents Program. These efforts have culminated in the team being rewarded with a “Special Award 2015” from the Hungarian government for efforts made to share and extend best practices as a Family Friendly Employer.

”Today we have a cross business network in Hungary, including seven GE businesses, several high level managers as sponsors and 500+ working mothers and fathers who follow our blog site, and connect via digital and personal meetings.  As several GE businesses (Europe, Africa, US, Brazil) are interested in the implementation of the same social innovation in their region, we are working on the global adoption.” - said Éva Marton, Europe T&L Leader, Volunteer leader of the GE Working Parents Program.

“I strongly believe that a company can only be successful, if it is ‘powered’ by motivated, content people. For that, a family-friendly approach is a must. We are really proud of the Working Parents Program, and we would like to thank our management and sponsors for their continued support” - she added.

The Working Parents Program has three main pillars: facilities, including baby/mom offices, parking places for expectant mother and breast-feeding corners; internal and external support, alongside professional events; and a network for connection with working parents (including a global, extended working parents blog page that is now available in English).

“We are working on the global adoption of this complex program together with the volunteer leadership and metrics teams. The aim is to provide standard benefits and measurable results, globally. Our goal is to ensure GE as employer of choice and to help working parents find balance in their life.” - Eva Marton highlighted.

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