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GE reaffirms commitment to advancing healthcare in Saudi Arabia at Saudi Health 2013

May 13, 2013

  • At work for a healthier world, GE presents medical innovations and broad solutions in oncology, cardiology, women's healthcare, services, performance and hospital solutions
  • In line with the needs of the Ministry of Health and the Kingdom's Strategic Healthcare Plan, GE reiterates commitment to training, technology advancement and knowledge-sharing to further enhance the Kingdom's healthcare infrastructure

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; 14 May 2013: This week at Saudi Health 2013, GE Healthcare (NYSE: GE) is presenting its latest medical innovations and broad portfolio of solutions offerings in oncology, cardiology, women's healthcare, services, performance and hospital solutions. In addition to reaffirming its commitment to localization and advancing the Kingdom's healthcare infrastructure in line with the Kingdom's Strategic Healthcare Plan and the Ministry of Health's (MoH) focus on 'patient first,' GE is also unveiling several new technologies in general radiology, as well as sharing progress on critical healthcare commitments in the Kingdom.

"The Kingdom is executing its ambitious vision to transform healthcare in Saudi Arabia. Lasting change does not happen over night. Raising standards of healthcare in the Kingdom is an ongoing project and one that the Ministry of Health, with its initiative, 'Patient First,' is committed to in line with the Kingdom's Strategic Healthcare plan. Through our company-to-country approach, GE Healthcare is striving to complement the Ministry of Health's strategy by bringing our latest technology, expertise, and solutions to the Kingdom," said Ali Saleh, President & CEO of GE Healthcare in Saudi Arabia.

"Both domestically and as a critical healthcare hub for the Middle East, Saudi Arabia is leading the way in transforming the healthcare system for its citizens, through breakthrough initiatives in e-health, performance transformation and cancer screening. GE Healthcare is proud to be a platinum sponsor of the Saudi Health congress and we congratulate the Ministry of Health and its partners on convening this important event to further advance healthcare in the Kingdom," he added.

Visit GE Healthcare during Saudi Health from May 12 to 14, 2013, at Hall 2, booth #705-1, at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center, to learn more about what GE is doing in the Kingdom. Activities include live demonstrations, interactive training and education sessions and discussion forums on key healthcare topics and GE Healthcare's capabilities, investments and partnerships in the Kingdom at the GE Knowledge Booth.

New technologies presented for the first time in Saudi Arabia

Among the new solutions being highlighted for the first time in the Kingdom at Saudi Health are the Silent Scan*, the Universal Viewer, Optima* CT660 FREEdom Edition; the Logiq S7 ultrasound system and the DoseWatch*, dose management program.

Silent Scan*

Silent Scan* is a revolutionary technology designed to address one of the most significant impediments to patient comfort---the excessive acoustic noise generated during an MRI scan. Conventional MRI scanners can generate noise in excess of 110 dBA (decibels) levels, roughly equivalent to rock concerts. GE's Silent Scan technology is designed to reduce MRI scanner noise to near ambient (background) sound levels and thus improve a patient's MRI exam experience.

CentricityTM PACS and PACS-IW with Universal Viewer

GE Healthcare is introducing its innovative CentricityTM PACS and PACS-IW with Universal Viewer for the first time in Saudi Arabia. Designed to put clinical insight within reach to help radiologists and referring physicians deliver patient results more efficiently, Universal Viewer is an intuitive workspace that brings together advanced visualization, intelligent productivity tools, and multi-modality workflows for oncology and breast imaging - all within one tool that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, when there is an internet connection. In addition, its unified, user interface provides a single look and feel that is easy to learn and able to adapt to radiologists' preferences, automating exam setup.

Optima* CT660 FREEdom Edition

In the area of Cardiac CT, the Optima* CT660 FREEdom Edition, which features GE's exclusive Motion FREEdom with intelligent coronary motion correction, is a platform that enables fast, high performance imaging with expanded capabilities for use in the emergency room and innovative dose reduction features.

Based on exclusive FREEdom technologies (Fast Registered Energies & ECG), this innovative system provides a solution to "freeze" coronary motion in higher heart rate coronary CTA exams with intelligent motion correction via the SnapShot* Freeze. With the Optima* CT660, users can scan quickly in one pass with diagnostic image quality and images reconstructed in real time. The patient can be scanned in seconds and that is critical in emergency room visits. The Optima* CT660 allows extended coverage of 80 mm with VolumeShuttle, providing twice the brain coverage for a single bolus of contrast at lower dose than continuous acquisition techniques. The high power capability and thin slices of the Optima* CT660 also provide the demanding clarity needed for detecting small lesions.


Featured for the first time in Saudi Arabia, the new LOGIQ S7 general imaging ultrasound system is well-equipped for a variety of applications and ready to take on both routine and non-traditional challenges. This mobile, shared-service ultrasound system is designed specifically to provide:

  • Consistent quality performance to help enhance diagnostic confidence across applications
  • User-sensitive design to help increase exam speed, as well as comfort and productivity
  • Intuitive tools to enable high utilization across multiple applications

With the growing use of ultrasound, healthcare providers are challenged to image patients of various ages and sizes, and encompass a wide range of clinical areas including abdominal, vascular, cardiac, musculoskeletal, OB/GYN, and small parts imaging. The versatile and lightweight LOGIQ S7 incorporates powerful technologies while enhancing workflow and user experience.

GE's DoseWatch is radiation management solution that captures, tracks and reports radiation dose at the patient level across multiple imaging modalities and manufacturers' systems to help optimize patient care. DoseWatch tracks dose across CT, Interventional, Mammography, Radiography and Fluoroscopy modalities, regardless of brand, so hospitals can align protocols, reduce variability, and protect both patients and image quality. It's one system that addresses both the hospital and patient safety needs.

In line with the MoH's commitment to implementing a holistic dose management solution across their hospital system, DoseWatch is presently installed at one key MoH reference site hospital in Riyadh, and GE Healthcare is also actively working with other key tertiary partners in the Kingdom to expand this solution.

GE is committed to working with key public and private healthcare providers including the MoH to deliver advanced technologies and solutions to the Saudi medical sector. Today, more than 20,000 GE Healthcare technologies are deployed across the Kingdom's hospitals. In line with its commitment to localization and knowledge-transfer, GE has provided training to more than 4,000 healthcare professionals. In partnership with MoH, GE has also transformed operating rooms in 20 hospitals and 13 emergency rooms across hospitals in the Kingdom through tools and methodologies aimed at enhancing business and management efficiencies.

Through its global healthymagination strategy, GE Healthcare has launched a nation-wide educational campaign via an interactive Arabic online portal focusing on health issues --- This was aimed at raising the public's health awareness and promoting the importance of healthy habits.

From supporting Saudi Arabia's first oil discovery expedition with turbo machinery equipment for the first refinery to currently serving as a trusted partner bringing advanced healthcare, clean water, electricity and transportation to the Saudi people, GE has been a major player in the Kingdom for over eight decades. Today, with three offices and seven facilities Saudi Arabia accounts for the largest GE workforce in the Middle East with over 1,000 employees driving the healthcare, transportation, power, oil & gas, water and aviation businesses. More than 500 GE turbines currently generate over 50 percent of Saudi's electricity, and the company's advanced technology supports the production of 150 million liters clean water daily, delivered to the country's remotest corners.

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