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GE LED Lamps Bring New Glow to New Zealand's Wanganui City Bridge

March 29, 2012

New Zealand, 30 March 2012--- GE Lighting today announced that the Wanganui District Council in New Zealand has refitted the lights on the Wanganui City Bridge using 14 GE LED fittings saving the council up to NZ$9,000 (USD $7.4K) in reduced power and maintenance costs, over the life of the fittings. This translates into a payback period of 6.2 years. The Wanganui District Council will progressively replace other conventional fittings with LED light sources when these fittings reach end of life.

The Wanganui District Council embarked on a trial of different LED light sources as an alternative to conventional lighting technology for Wanganui City Bridge. The council was looking for an energy efficient solution that would improve illumination. Evolve NZ Ltd provided the District Council with a solution using GE's 80W R150 LED lamps. The fittings have the backing of a local supplier in New Zealand, and the support of GE Lighting.

In comparison with the previous sodium lights on the bridge, the GE LED lights deliver a 52 per cent power saving. The new luminaries direct the light to where it is needed while reducing the glare from the fitting to less than 5 per cent. There is no wasted upward light leakage from the new fittings.

Mr. John Birks, General Manager of Evolve NZ Ltd said: "The white LED light makes for a more modern and vibrant atmosphere in the night space, where it is easier to see the real colours of life. We are expecting that this type of lighting will bring more people out to enjoy the city where we live."

Councillor Ray Stevens, Chair of the Infrastructure and Property Committee of Wanganui District Council added: "There are clearly a range of potential benefits and savings for the public. The public will notice that the new LED light fittings create a 'white light' rather than an 'orange glow' from the sodium lights which were previously installed."

GE Lighting's LEDs have a longer life than sodium lights, and can last between 12 to 15 years. Over the same period, the Sodium fittings that were previously fitted to the bridge had to be changed three to four times. The white light produced by the installed LEDs means that colours are rendered more accurately providing improved visibility. Security cameras also become more effective with the improved colour rendition.

Managing Director of GE Lighting Australia & New Zealand, Nathan Dunn, said: "LED lighting significantly reduces energy and maintenance costs while increasing energy efficiency. As businesses and councils alike face increasing pressure to become more carbon efficient, making changes to their lighting is one of the easiest and simplest ways to make a significant difference."

Joanne Woo
Corporate Communications Director, Australia & New Zealand
[email protected]
+61 409 330 731

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