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GE highlights Healthcare IT capabilities at HIMSS Middle East 2013 aimed at transforming healthcare through connectivity

April 30, 2013

  • Diamond Sponsor of HIMSS Middle East, GE showcases its latest healthcare IT solutions designed to support digital transformation strategies in clinical and imaging exchange to enable radiologists to share data and workflow
  • Participation underscores GE's commitment to supporting the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia and private healthcare partners in driving digital transformation strategies to improve the delivery of quality care across the Kingdom

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; May 1, 2013: GE Healthcare (NYSE: GE) this week highlighted its range of Healthcare IT capabilities at the HIMMS Middle East conference, underscoring its commitment to supporting the Ministry of Health (MoH) in Saudi Arabia, other public and private healthcare providers across the region in driving digital transformation strategies to improve the delivery of quality care.

At the exhibition held on April 30 and May 1 in Riyadh, GE highlighted its broad portfolio of Radiology IT offerings designed to enable digital transformation strategies in clinical and imaging exchange. Demonstrations included GE Healthcare's Radiology Information System (RIS) and Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) among other systems designed to help hospitals share images, documents and patient information.

Ali Saleh, President & CEO of GE Healthcare in Saudi Arabia, said: "Greater collaboration supported by connectivity and sharing of data across the healthcare system is essential in improving patient outcomes. As we strive to enable healthcare providers to achieve new levels of connectivity, GE Healthcare's diverse range of IT solutions is designed to allow healthcare providers to digitize workflow and access data across ologies within a hospital to provide seamless access to patient information from anywhere, at any time."

He added: "The Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia has made considerable progress towards advancing the delivery of quality care across the Kingdom through the advancement of an e-health information system with clear standards to share images, documents and patient information. We applaud the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health for their leadership in this area and we are proud to be a partner in supporting the Ministry in achieving its vision of improved interoperability within the healthcare system."

This effort builds on the announcement made by the MoH and GE Healthcare in September 2012 to establish and deploy a new e-health interoperability standards program between different parts of the Kingdom's healthcare system as a cornerstone in its strategy to improve access, patient safety and the quality of healthcare. This industry-leading effort is supporting the MoH in achieving an integrated solution for the management of patient information records across Saudi Arabia, enabling better management of patients through the healthcare system, maximize the flow of patient information records between hospitals and improve patient safety.

Visitors at the GE Healthcare booth, stand 413, experienced the Radiologist's journey of how GE technology can help healthcare providers share data and workflow. Stages demonstrated how a doctor can request a radiology exam from their clinic; how the order is received by a specific radiology center, how a radiologist can access shared images and report on them from any location and finally, how this data can be utilized using GE analytics tools to provide real-time monitoring to help streamline the process and monitor key performance indicators.

The showcase builds on GE's experience in other parts of the region, including Egypt and Turkey, where GE Healthcare has worked with public and private healthcare providers on pilot projects to develop image exchange capabilities via integrated RIS PACS solutions, enabling hospitals to send, share and store images to facilitate remote assessment by radiologists.

"As we look across the Middle East and observe the diversity of healthcare delivery systems and the challenges of adjusting to the increase of non-communicable disease, we see that connecting patients and providers across care delivery is a big part of the solution. For us this means that technologies need to be connected using standards to support the sharing of medical information in all care settings, and to this end, GE Healthcare IT technologies deliver integrated connectivity," said Mamar Gelaye, General Manager of Healthcare IT for GE Healthcare's operations in Middle East, Africa, Russia & CIS and Turkey and Central Asia.

Gelaye added: "Connectivity is better for the healthcare system and for patients. It gives those in rural healthcare settings access to higher quality healthcare and increases the productivity of existing healthcare delivery systems at a time when healthcare faces its greatest opportunity for transformation both out of necessity and opportunity to leverage technology more effectively."

In Saudi Arabia and across the Middle East, the region faces a number of significant and serious healthcare challenges including an increasing and ageing population and some of the highest rates of obesity and diabetes in the world, in addition to the increasing burden of non-communicable diseases including cancer and cardiovascular disease.

GE Healthcare believes that integrated care is the future of healthcare delivery. Integrated care is a patient-driven, outcomes-driven method of delivering healthcare. It is enabled by linking together information from across the healthcare delivery system (in-patient, ambulatory, home-based), to generate new insights that help to improve the quality of care, while contributing to cost and waste reduction from the healthcare system. Today, GE Healthcare IT is actively investing in software-enabled solutions that matter to its customers, and helping them run more effectively and efficiently - contributing to better quality care for more patients at a lower cost.

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