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GE Healthcare Showcases Commitment to Personalized Nuclear Medicine with Introduction of Discovery NM/CT 670 Pro and Q.Metrix

June 10, 2014

ST. LOUIS -- Nuclear medicine scanning will be enriched with the introduction of GE Healthcare's Discovery*^ NM/CT 670 Pro, announced today at the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Annual Meeting (SNMMI 2014). The vision of quantitative accuracy in nuclear medicine is enabled by Q.Metrix^ and Q.AC^, GE Healthcare's newest software innovations in nuclear medicine.

"We are dedicated to pushing nuclear medicine to its full potential and developing equipment and software that helps customers address the challenges they are confronted with every day," said Nathan Hermony, General Manager, Nuclear Medicine, GE Healthcare. "We are excited to be able to introduce the new Discovery NM/CT 670 Pro with Q.Metrix and Q.AC to our customers at SNMMI 2014 this year."

Discovery NM/CT 670 Pro
The Discovery NM/CT 670 Pro delivers outstanding imaging performance, ready not only for today's most demanding workloads, but also for future challenges in medical imaging. The new Discovery NM/CT 670 Pro integrates the GE Optima* CT 540 to maintain its cutting edge CT performance. It combines a 50-slice equivalent CT speed for extended fast coverage of time-critical scans with advanced CT applications, dose management tools such as OptiDose, DoseWatch* and ASiR*, and a streamlined workflow for the most challenging standalone CT procedures.

Quantitative results have been an important part of nuclear medicine imaging for some time as a relative, qualitative assessment. Q.Suite for SPECT/CT represents the next step in GE Healthcare's vision to enable personalized, absolute quantitative SPECT/CT imaging. The two analysis and reporting applications in Q.Suite simplify organ definition and activity calculations to help raise report quality, while improving processing workflow and productivity.

Q.Metrix, a user-friendly application for measuring and reporting standard uptake values in the organ or lesion of interest, enables personalized, quantitative SPECT SUV results with multi-dimensional organ and lesion characterization.

Q.AC is an image reconstruction algorithm for improved accuracy of SPECT attenuation correction that enables quantitative SPECT measurements even at very low dose.

Dosimetry Toolkit, an advanced clinical application that has proven the potential of quantitative SPECT/CT, provides convenient tools for organ segmentation, registration, and activity calculations for Radio-Isotope Therapy planning. With new quantitative tools that generate accurate and more consistent measurements, clinicians can plan treatment therapy quicker and easier than ever before. As a result, clinicians are reaching a bold new paradigm: personalized care.

* Trademark of General Electric Company
^ Discovery NM/CT 670 Pro, Q.Metrix, and Q.AC are not CE marked. For countries that require CE marking, such products can not be placed on the market or put into service until they are made to comply with the Medical Device Directive requirements for CE marking.

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