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GE Healthcare to Showcase Latest Innovations in Anesthesia Delivery and Patient Monitoring at ANESTHESIOLOGY 2013

October 11, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO --- October 11, 2013 --- GE Healthcare will introduce several new technologies that demonstrate its ongoing commitment to improving the quality of patient care at ANESTHESIOLOGY 2013, the annual meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologists, taking place October 12-16 in San Francisco. GE Healthcare will showcase new innovations and advances in life-supporting anesthesia delivery systems, patient monitoring, parameters and accessories and highlight how all of these technologies function together to specifically address the clinical needs in perioperative care.

"Innovation comes in all shapes and sizes," said Thierry Leclercq, president and CEO, GE Healthcare Life Care Solutions. "At Anesthesiology 2013, we are proud to demonstrate several new technologies -- from the industry's first clinically validated forearm blood pressure cuff to advanced digital anesthesia Carestations* with innovative solutions like ecoFLOW -- that can help guide more confident clinician decision-making, help reduce costs and provide more personalized patient care."

GE Healthcare solutions at ANESTHESIOLOGY 2013 will include:

  • Avance CS2 with ecoFLOW -- This innovative anesthesia delivery system with touch screen technology helps enable fast clinical decision making at the point of care. With ecoFLOW technology, clinicians receive visual guidance to help avoid unnecessarily high or low gas flow rates and help clinicians maintain their desired inspired oxygen concentration, in addition to calculating the cost of agent consumed in real-time.
  • GE CRITIKON* RADIAL-CUF -- The GE CRITIKON* RADIAL-CUF is the first clinically validated blood pressure cuff for the adult forearm, designed to help combat inaccurate blood pressure readings for adult obese or overly muscular patients. Upper arm blood pressure cuffs may not properly fit the conical-shaped arms of obese or overly muscular patients. As a result, clinicians often place an upper-arm cuff on a patient's forearm even though it is not clinically validated there. The GE CRITIKON* RADIAL-CUF blood pressure cuff now provides an accurate and reliable blood pressure determination for these patients.
  • CARESCAPE* Respiratory Module -- With dozens of devices in the OR, there is often limited space for critical monitoring equipment. The new, miniaturized CARESCAPE* Respiratory Modules are single-width, enabling full respiratory monitoring while providing more space for other modules.
  • CARESCAPE* Monitor B850 and CARESCAPE* Monitor B650 -- New enhancements to GE Healthcare's scalable, integrated patient monitors help reduce data disruptions and detect potential problems earlier.

There is a critical need for improved connectivity, interoperability and predictive data in today's OR. Every day, clinicians are faced with a multitude of perioperative devices to help support patient care -- many of which do not talk to each other. GE Healthcare is leading the way in interoperability with integrated devices and information systems that bring together traditionally disparate streams of patient data to support efficient, patient-focused care.

Please visit GE Healthcare in booth #1015 at ANESTHESIOLOGY 2013.

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