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Press Release

GE Healthcare Service Center inaugurated in Baghdad to meet the requirements of the Iraqi Ministry of Health

December 08, 2012

  • Marks the first time GE is customizing its global healthcare service systems for Iraq to scale GE equipment service at Ministry of Health network hospitals
  • Underlines growing partnerships of GE in the country to promote better health for the Iraqi people

Baghdad, Iraq; December 9, 2012: GE (NYSE: GE) joined hands with the Iraqi Ministry of Health (MoH) to open a dedicated GE Healthcare Service Center in Baghdad specifically designed to meet the requirements of Iraq's MoH network by bringing its global service capabilities and technology solutions to raise servicing standards in Iraq.

The GE Healthcare Service Center in Baghdad marks a first for GE in Iraq in customizing its global service systems and processes specifically to scale its services for the entire country. The Center will leverage GE's global service and IT systems, processes and logistical expertise that have now been tailored to meet the service needs of GE equipment of MoH hospitals in Iraq. In partnership with its distributors, the central GE Healthcare Service Center in Baghdad will be supported by four support centers, three distributor repair centers and a ground force of 37 field engineers providing country-wide service coverage.

Aziz Koleilat, GE's President & CEO for Iraq and Levant, said: "The Iraqi Ministry of Health is investing significantly in modernizing its healthcare infrastructure to meet the demand for enhanced health services. As the principal provider of both curative and preventive healthcare in the country, MoH has taken concerted initiatives to promote the operational efficiencies of the hospitals and provide timely care to the people. GE is a long-time partner in the social and economic growth of Iraq, and we are bringing our advanced healthcare systems and solutions to the country, which will be supported by a focus on training Iraqi healthcare professionals."

"Bringing GE Healthcare's advanced servicing capabilities form an essential part of our overall commitment to the Iraqi market," said Maher Abouzeid, GE Healthcare's President & Chief Executive Officer for Middle East and Pakistan. "Given the investments being made by the government in hi-tech medical equipment to offer the Iraqi people the latest in diagnostic and curative solutions, timely and quality product servicing is essential in providing optimal product performance and productivity. Most significantly, it is a safeguard to ensuring user and patient safety."

He added: "In addressing some of the critical challenges facing a fast-developing healthcare system in Iraq, the GE Healthcare Service Center is a significant first by GE aimed at providing new standards of service. Working in partnership with our distributors, we will provide real time access to field engineers across the country, in addition to GE's advanced global service network and system capabilities. The opening of the center also marks our ongoing commitment to strengthening GE Healthcare's presence in the country.

"Over the long-term, we will strive to expand this commitment to include clinical education, training and development to support knowledge transfer so that users of this equipment can get most out of our extensive product features. In line with our global healthymagination strategy, GE Healthcare remains focused on bringing more affordable, high quality healthcare to the people of Iraq," he said.

According to the World Health Organization1, in general healthcare expenditure in Iraq is primarily on curative care, accounting for nearly 37% of the total expenditure. The MoH has budgeted over US$6 billion2 in 2012 towards healthcare, an increase of over US$1.5 billion compared with 2011, underlining the governmental focus to boost the country's healthcare sector.

Through the new GE Healthcare Service Center, the company will deploy its Remote Video Assist, Remote Connectivity and Cyber FE technologies, having customized its global software applications, protocols and asset management capabilities to meet the system requirements of the Iraqi MoH hospital network.

During the first phase of the center's operations, field engineers will have access to the Remote Video Assist tool, whereby Service Centre staff will assign field engineers and provide access to GE's global Cyber FE capabilities via portable internet audio visuals and connected support. GE has dedicated a toll free number where customers can contact the center for assistance free of charge.

In the second phase, the Remote Connectivity Tool will provide direct linkage for some of GE's equipment to online services providing remote equipment service without the need for an engineer to be present on site to further enhance equipment operation, improve customer satisfaction and ultimately ensure continuous patient care.

In Iraq, GE remains focused on strengthening its presence towards the revitalization of Iraq's healthcare infrastructure and to working with the MoH and private healthcare providers to help alleviate the healthcare services of the country.

Through public and private partnerships, GE has provided healthcare equipment for the majority of MoH hospitals, in addition to several major private hospitals in Iraq. With its innovative flat panel technology, GE also leads the way in the provision of digital mammography systems to improve women's healthcare. In addition, GE has supplied several advanced technologies in Iraq, including the recent supply of ventilation and ECG systems for the MoH.

With offices in Erbil, Baghdad and Basra, GE is committed to the continued growth and development of the country. Today, GE supports the country's infrastructure needs in power generation, oil & gas, water processing, aviation and healthcare, through the company's diversified multi-business solutions and growing local presence.


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