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GE Healthcare Launches Breakthrough, Ultra-Fast CT Scanner: Freezes the Heart's Motion in Just One Heartbeat without Sacrificing Image Quality

December 02, 2013

Revolution CT to give clinicians a test that gives them outstanding image quality and reduced dose exposure for patients

CHICAGO -- DECEMBER 2, 2013 -- GE Healthcare, a unit of General Electric Company (NYSE: GE), today announced at the Radiological Society of North America's 99th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois that its 510(k)-pending Revolution CT^ has captured a motion free image of the human heart in just one beat.

This innovative technology enables clinicians to non-invasively visualize the human heart more clearly than ever before, and diagnose more patients with erratic or high heart beats.

According to published literature (the British Journal of Radiology), more than 60 percent of patients referred to cardiac CT today were found to have heart rates higher than 60 beats per minute, and some are turned away from being scanned. With Revolution CT, clinicians can clearly see specific areas of the heart that were previously compromised either by a patient's movement, high heart rate, or a child's inability to hold his or her breath.

The images were captured by Dr. Ricardo C. Cury, chairman of Radiology and director of Cardiac Imaging at Baptist Health South Florida. According to Cury, physicians no longer will be forced to choose between CT systems with wide coverage, high spatial resolution (clear image), or high temporal resolution (speed). For the first time, GE Healthcare's Revolution CT converges these three technology advances into one CT system.

"This is innovation at its best and is really an all-in-one scanner," said Cury, chairman of Radiology and director of Cardiac Imaging at Baptist Health South Florida. "Diagnostic quality images are now possible in challenging patients like those with high heart rates, which is a significant advancement. The impressive ability of Revolution to combine coverage, spatial and temporal resolution in a single scanner will translate to many clinical applications and potentially new applications in the future." Investigational clinical images to demonstrate the capabilities of the scanner were obtained in collaboration with West Kendall Baptist Hospital (WKBH). Dr. Cury served as principal investigator for this study.

In a cost-constrained healthcare environment, clinicians need one definitive test that gives them the diagnostic confidence to make the right treatment decision for their patients. GE Healthcare's Revolution CT makes this possible through the convergence of spatial resolution, temporal resolution, coverage, and low dose all-in-one, providing uncompromised image quality and clinical capabilities. This convergence enables the following advanced clinical exams:

  • Comprehensive cardiac exams with anatomic and functional information in just one heartbeat, even with challenging patients and higher heart rates
  • Rapid, whole-brain stroke assessment at low dose
  • Dynamic liver, kidney, or pancreas oncology workup personalized with perfusion and vascular flow analysis.

The Revolution CT is engineered to wow, with technology advances including the 16 cm Gemstone* Clarity detector for whole organ coverage, best-in-class spatial resolution at 230 microns for visualizing small anatomy, and a 0.28 second gantry designed and tested for up to 0.2 sec rotation speed. Combined with SnapShot* Freeze motion correction technology, the system delivers 24 msec effective temporal resolution for high heart rate imaging without restrictions.

The Revolution CT continues GE's commitment to even lower CT doses, with innovations such as the new Gemstone Clarity detector, a dedicated 70kVp scan mode for pediatric use, and ASiR-V*, GE's next generation of iterative reconstruction technology.

For the patient, the system provides a wider, more comfortable 80cm bore and a quiet scanning experience with the new Whisper Drive system. Ultra-fast scanning with streamlined workflow makes it a perfect scanner for emergency rooms.

Revolution CT will be easier to use as GE Healthcare is also introducing a revolutionary new user interface based on inputs from hundreds of clinicians and technologists around the world. With Revolution, advanced imaging will now be routine, and routine imaging more advanced.

"This will be the first CT scanner that's right for everybody in every clinical specialty," said Steve Gray, president and CEO of MICT & AW for GE Healthcare. "Revolution CT is able to scan even the most challenging patients, day in and day out, with remarkably clear images. And, we made sure that using it is productive, logical, and intuitive."

To learn more about Revolution CT, click here.

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