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GE Healthcare Collaborates with Ultrasound Podcast to Enhance Point of Care Ultrasound Education and Training

January 30, 2019

Milwaukee - January 30, 2019 - GE Healthcare has announced today a collaboration with, a weekly podcast and website devoted to Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) education and hosted by Drs. Jacob Avila, Matt Dawson and Mike Mallin.

The three physician hosts also produce two POCUS conferences annually, called “BendFest” and “CastleFest,” which convene POCUS users from around the globe.

Conference attendees receive lecture content prior to meeting. Each day of the conference, lecturers - hailing from Cleveland Clinic, Harvard, University of Vermont and many more - present the materials via “digestable” 20-minute sessions, followed by hands-on practice, until early afternoon. Then, it’s time for activities and socializing.

“Our hands-on stations cover everything from the aorta to vascular access, from FAST exam to lung, and that’s where we crowdsource real-world tips and tricks picked up on shifts,” says Dr. Avila. “Then in the social experiences in the evening, we get to know each other and build relationships so we can give and receive advice and build the networks we’ll turn to when our time together is over.”

At CastleFest19, which borrows its name from the Versailles, KY castle where it’s hosted, and at BendFest19, which takes its name from Bend, OR where it’s held, GE Healthcare will be the exclusive provider of POCUS equipment.

“Practically speaking, it’s a real plus to have all the attendees working on the same automated, AI-based machines because we can skip the equipment learning curve,” says Dr. Avila. “And we really like the machines themselves: The user interface is really good, and the probes are sturdy.”

In keeping with its ongoing commitment to POCUS education, GE Healthcare will sponsor one deserving POCUS student per month for the next two years to attend either BendFest or Castlefest.

Podcast listeners are invited to email the hosts about their best ultrasound cases. Each month, the hosts will select their favorite submission.

“The support of GE Healthcare means even more clinicians will benefit from POCUS education,” said Dr. Avila. “And that matches up to what we’re all about: Increasing accessibility of training and skill development for the best possible patient outcomes.”


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