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GE awarded world’s first three-year g3-circuit-breaker framework contract by SP Energy Networks

December 14, 2021
  • “High Voltage (HV) Main Plant” agreement will cover the majority of SP Energy Networks’ requirements for 145 kV SF6-free live tank circuit-breakers over the UK’s RIIO-T2 regulatory period
  • GE’s g3 products are part of the solution to eliminate SF6 from UK’s grid
  • Climate change targets in discussion at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) hosted last month in Glasgow, Scotland

Paris, FRANCE – December 14, 2021 – GE Renewable Energy’s Grid Solutions (NYSE-GE) announced today it has been awarded a three-year framework contract with SP Energy Networks in the UK for the supply of 145 kV sulfur hexafluoride (SF6)-free live tank circuit-breakers1 utilizing GE’s g3 gas as the insulating and switching dielectric medium. This news follows the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) hosted in Glasgow, Scotland last month.

The GL312g live tank circuit-breakers will use GE’s game-changing g3 (pronounced “g”- cubed) gas insulating and switching technology, which represents an alternative to sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), the most commonly used insulator for electrical equipment in substations across the UK.

Graham Campbell, Director of Processes and Technology for SP Energy Networks said, “We’re continuously evolving our operations and looking for ways to make our network more environmentally sustainable. This work with GE over the next three years will allow us to take another step forward in our push towards achieving net zero emissions in the future.”

Following an extensive and rigorous tender qualification process, GE secured 80% of the forecasted volume of 145 kV SF6-free live tank circuit-breakers to be supplied to SP Energy Networks under the three-year “High Voltage (HV) Main Plant” framework agreement, which will run until June 2024. The agreement will cover the majority of SP Energy Networks’ 145 kV SF6-free live tank circuit-breaker requirements over the UK’s RIIO-T2 regulatory period. In addition, SP Energy Networks plans to procure other high voltage equipment from GE such as disconnectors at different voltage levels to cater to the needs of the SP Transmission (SPT) and SP Manweb (SPM) networks in the UK.

“We are committed to enabling the energy transition by supporting the work of our customers every day. With this world’s first g3 three-year framework agreement for g3 live tank circuit breakers, SP Energy Networks reiterates its confidence in GE’s g3 gas technology,” said Eric Chaussin, Senior Executive High Voltage Products Division Leader at GE’s Grid Solutions. “Today’s agreement follows a first project of a g3 gas-insulated bus duct already in operation and a second order for sixteen 145 kV g3-gas insulated substation (GIS) bays expected to be operational by 2023. We look forward to continuing to support SP Energy Networks in achieving their goal of net zero emissions.”

Today, 28 leading electrical utilities have already adopted GE’s g3 products for their high voltage networks, avoiding the addition of more than a million tons of CO₂ equivalent to the grid. That’s the equivalent of removing about 476,000 petrol cars from the road for one year.

GE’s g3 gas-insulated products are currently available for live-tank circuit-breakers and gas-insulated substations (GIS) up to 145 kV, as well as gas-insulated lines (GIL) up to 420 kV. More about g3 – GE’s alternative to SF6.

For more information on GE’s high-voltage g3 substation equipment and product roadmap, visit our website.


Notes to the Editor:

Image: Download | Caption: GE awarded world’s first three-year g3-circuit-breaker framework contract by SP Energy Networks

  1. Circuit-breaker: A circuit-breaker is a protective device used on the high voltage electrical network in case of a problem on the grid to cut or redirect the power through another path to avoid blackouts. High-voltage circuit-breakers are found at electrical substations on transmission lines carrying the power to or within regional areas.
  2. SF6: Due to its strong insulating and arc-quenching properties, SF₆ has been, and continues to be widely used in primary substation equipment with the transmission industry. It is, however, a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming if leaked. 

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About GE’s g3 gas
GE’s alternative to SF6 is g3 insulating and switching gas representing the culmination of a decade of research and development by its teams in France, Germany and Switzerland in collaboration with 3M Company. The g3 gas mixture is based on carbon dioxide, oxygen, and 3M™ Novec™ 4710 Dielectric Fluid from the 3M fluoronitrile family. Fluoronitrile was identified by R&D experts as the most suitable additive to CO2 and O2 to reach the targeted environmental benefit of an alternative to SF6, without compromising the equipment’s technical performance and footprint. As a result, the global warming potential (GWP) of GE’s g3 gas is 99% lower as compared to SF6

More about g3 development, GE’s fluoronitrile based gas mixture: In search of an SF6 replacement | Think Grid (

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