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Fingrid Purchases Load Frequency Control Solution from GE Digital to Meet European Electricity Balancing Guidelines

October 08, 2020
  • Finland’s national electricity transmission grid operator Fingrid prepares to automate consumption and generation balancing, utilize European wide markets and prepare to meet regulatory requirements of Electricity Balancing Guidelines
  • The solution from the Grid Software Solutions business in GE Digital helps Transmission System Operators address operations restructuring to ensure the integration of renewable energy into the current European power system


SAN RAMON, Calif.  – October 8, 2020 – GE Digital (NYSE: GE) today announced that Fingrid, the national electricity transmission grid operator in Finland, purchased the Load Frequency Control (LFC) solution from GE Digital’s Grid Software Solutions business to help Fingrid prepare to meet the requirements of the Nordic Balancing Model project. Transmission System Operators (TSOs) across the region are required to address LFC mandated by newly issued regulations for Electricity Balancing.

The Nordic Balancing Model (NBM), a comprehensive restructuring of power system operation necessary to uphold socioeconomic value of 200+ million euro per year from the common Nordic balancing markets and operations, ensures integration of renewable energy and coupling with European balancing market platforms. The NBM program will develop and implement operational processes and associated IT-tools needed in a future power system.

“The Nordic region is moving towards a green, integrated, and harmonized European Power market,” said Kari Suominen, CIO for Fingrid. “Our company is moving quickly to make sure we are prepared to meet the requirements of this new transmission model so we can ensure the security of supply and a balanced scheme that is compliant with European network codes. The GE Digital Load Frequency Control solution is based on modern IT technology that met our stringent needs for IT architecture and security.”

The main goals of LFC are to maintain scheduled power output (megawatt) in the interconnected power system and control the change in tie line power between control areas while maintaining grid frequency at nominal rate. LFC combines advanced optimization algorithms in line with the latest European balancing regulations.

The LFC solution is based on Grid Software Solutions’ Digital Energy 2.0 (DE 2.0) technology which enables new modular applications based on open and interoperable components that can be integrated to any SCADA/EMS. DE 2.0 modular applications can evolve as required by regulation and be deployed without impacting the existent SCADA/EMS. LFC is part of Grid Software Solutions’ Advanced Energy Management System (AEMS) which brings together EMS, Renewables, WAMS, and Analytics in an overall solution to enable operators to increase renewable penetration, minimize risk and increase flexibility.

“TSOs need to master progressively more renewable generation, and the associated growing amount of data required to efficiently run their operations,” said Jim Walsh, General Manager of GE Digital’s Grid Software Solutions business. “Fingrid is renowned for its IT vision and high standards and is a front-runner TSO in the implementation of the Nordic and European Balancing Market codes. This project positions Fingrid to efficiently meet these regulations while safeguarding the secure operations of the power system.”


Information about Nordic Balancing Model project.


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