GE Transportation

At GE Transportation, we move the world. We are a global digital industrial leader and supplier to the rail, mining, marine, stationary power and drilling industries. Our solutions help customers deliver goods and services with greater speed and greater savings using our advanced manufacturing techniques, industry expertise and connected machines.

Established more than a century ago, GE Transportation is a division of the General Electric Company that began as a pioneer in passenger and freight locomotives. That innovative spirit still drives GE Transportation today.

It's the engine of change that puts us at the forefront of transportation technology, software, and analytics. And it's why we continue to find-and realize-the potential that keeps our connected world moving forward.

The GE Transportation Global Headquarters is located at 500 W. Monroe St. Chicago, IL 60661 USA. There are over 65 service sites worldwide.


  • Drilling: GE Transportation is the leading manufacturer of motors for onshore and offshore applications for the oil and gas industry.
  • Locomotives & Services: GE Transportation is a leader in the rail industry, providing freight and passenger locomotives as well as rail services to help solve the world’s toughest rail challenges.
    • Tier 4: The Evolution Series Tier 4 Locomotive meets the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) stringent Tier 4 emission standards. The locomotive is powered by GE’s 12-cylinder EVO engine and requires absolutely no after-treatment system.
    • PowerHaul: The PowerHaul is a powerful locomotive that can operate on existing railways and comply with stringent emissions standards while saving fuel.
  • Marine: GE’s Marine Solutions is at the forefront of emissions reductions with its breakthrough technology that achieves optimal operational and emissions compliance in medium-speed diesel engines.
  • Mining: GE’s Mining Solutions can carry your business through every step of the mining process from delivery of reliable power and water supply to maximizing the output of equipment, safety and energy efficiency.
  • RailConnect 360: RailConnect 360 is a connected suite of solutions, leveraging GE’s Predix platform, which provides railroads with data-driven insights to address key customer pain points like velocity, fuel, reliability, productivity and dwell.
    • Movement Planner: Movement Planner provides real-time traffic planning and optimization. It detects meet/pass conflicts and optimizes routes.
    • Yard Planner: Yard Planner System is an advanced software solution designed to optimize the operation of a rail classification yard.
    • ShipperConnect: ShipperConnect helps industrial rail shippers automate rail operations, obtain shipment visibility and manage transportation assets and inventory.
    • Trip Optimizer: Trip Optimizer is an intelligent, fuel-saving cruise control for locomotive that optimizes fuel consumption based on a specific train’s make up and the route traveled. Trip Optimizer calculates optimal speeds by considering train make-up and route topography and automatically controls the throttle to achieve those speeds.
  • Stationary Power: GE Transportation’s stationary power applications set the industry standard and deliver on the promise of lower costs, lower emissions and higher fuel efficiency.

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