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GE in Qatar

GE has been a partner to Qatar for more than 70 years and will continue to support the country’s National Vision 2023 by focusing on building technical capabilities and strengthening global competitiveness across different sectors.

GE Advanced Technology Research Center (GEATRC)

A 20,000 meter square hub for education, technical training and new product initiatives that delivers process and product enhancement for GE customers in the region. The Center is designed to encourage collaboration and promote knowledge sharing with an emphasis on four key growth areas – healthcare, aviation, oil and gas and research. The Center features five classrooms, a 150-seat auditorium, 14 engine/tooling bays in a 2,600 meter square aircraft engine learning center section, 490 square meters of lab space, 465 meter square of product display lobby, and a multi-media showcase and brand experience.

An assembly hub for electrical equipment to serve the region

GE recently signed an agreement with Al Farraj Trading & Manufacturing Company (FTMC), where FTMC will assemble and supply GE’s electrical equipment to five key countries in the Middle East including Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman and Jordan.

Additionally, FTMC is inaugurating a new 7,000 meter square manufacturing facility in Doha that will manufacture electrical equipment used in the protection and distribution of electricity in residential, commercial and industrial applications. The opening of the plant will create up to 150 new jobs in the country.

Supporting Qatar’s vision to be the world’s leading supplier of LNG

Together with Qatar Petroleum & it’s International partners, GE helped establish two gas liquefaction complexes in Ras Laffan Industrial City using a portfolio of GE’s rotating equipment, process technologies & controls in an effort to support Qatar’s vision to become the world’s leading supplier of LNG producing a total of 77 Million tons per year. The liquefaction complexes are operated by QatarGas and RasGas on behalf of QP & Partners, both companies entered long term mega agreements for services with GE.

Additionally, the Qatar Service Center in Ras Laffan, serves as a technology hub for the region to expand local service and technical capabilities and reduce turn-around time. The Center is part of the Al Shaheen/ GE Services Company joint venture, and is another step forward in GE’s commitment to the Middle East.

A global water sustainability center

In collaboration with ConocoPhillips, GE established the Global Water Sustainability Center in Doha, Qatar. Located within the Qatar Science & Technology Park the research center’s main focus will be to research and develop water solutions primarily for the petroleum and petrochemical sectors. Working closely with various government sectors, GE will also provide water solutions pertaining to municipal and agricultural challenges.

Driving innovation in the healthcare sector

Through the GE Advanced Technology and Research Center, GE Healthcare’s ongoing partnership with Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP) and commitment to scaling up our presence and operations in the region, GE is constantly working to evaluate opportunities for healthcare R&D expansion and product development with our partners in Qatar, as a central hub for innovation in the Middle East and indeed, the world.

GE also has a joint venture with the Qatar Foundation to enable excellence in research and education to transform Qatar into a global hub for healthcare innovation, entrepreneurship and research. The JV aims to demonstrate the latest advances in patient healthcare journey, offer education and training on cutting edge clinical IT solutions and focus on mammography in line with the increase in breast cancer in the region.

In 2014, GE Healthcare announced the introduction of the next generation pocket-sized ultrasound – VscanTM with Dual Probe, a project on which QSTP served as a co-investment technology partner in line with our strategy to increase access to affordable and quality care. This latest innovation enables efficient triage and fast workflow, which may lead to time and cost savings in many point of care settings.

Today over 200 GE Healthcare products and technologies are deployed in hospitals and clinics across Qatar.

Connecting Qatar to the world

Through its GE Advanced Technology and Research Center (GE ATRC) at the Qatar Science & Technology Park, GE offers maintenance training on its advanced jet engines to support the needs of its customers the region.

With more than 360 GE engine technologies powering nearly half of the country’s total fleet, a GE-powered airplane takes off every 12 minutes in Qatar, moving 9 million passengers through the country each year.

Lighting up Qatar efficiently

GE Lighting was chosen as the street lighting partner for the Doha Expressway project in Qatar. The company provided efficient lighting solutions for tunnels and streets that assure low maintenance costs, aesthetic new designs and promote environmental sustainability. Products used in the project include the PFE-400 range of powerful floodlights that can feature up to 400W HPS lamps; which were chosen for their ability to assure excellent illumination of tunnels and motorway junctions & intersections.

The adoption of GE Lighting’s tunnel and outdoor lighting solutions has helped achieve a reduction in energy consumption compared to traditional outdoor street lighting solutions. The solutions will also contribute to reduced maintenance costs and other overheads associated with outdoor lighting. The project reflected the Qatari government’s commitment to provide state-of-the art transport infrastructure to address the growing vehicular traffic, with the outdoor lighting solutions chosen for energy efficiency, aesthetics and minimal environmental impact.

Additionally, InterContinental Doha undertook LED retrofitting of the iconic hotel, using GE's lamp solutions as part of its greening strategy. GE’s LED solutions are proven to provide up to 80% energy saving compared to traditional technologies, offer high lumen/watt efficiency, have long-rated lifetime, low failure rate and assures maintenance savings.