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GE in Oman

GE has been present in Oman for more than 40 years, assisting in the generation of reliable power supply, enabling the country to achieve oil and gas production targets, providing healthcare infrastructure, and helping the Omani aviation industry to better connect people and goods across the world.

GE is supporting Oman in achieving its Vision 2020 to promote economic diversification, sustainable development and localization.

GE’s advanced gas turbines support Oman’s electricity needs

Today, over 130 GE advanced gas turbines help generate approximately 8 gigawatt of power to Oman’s grid. In line with Oman’s Vision 2020, GE is supporting the country to upgrade existing power plants to become more efficient. In 2014 and 2015, GE successfully implemented upgrades to two 6B units for the Oman India Fertilizer Company.

Additionally, 12 GE gas turbines support the Qalhat Complex, one of Oman’s largest industrial projects. The project includes six gas turbines driving three LNG liquefaction trains and another six gas turbines generating power.

Supporting Oman’s oil production

GE’s electrical submersible pump (ESP), an industry leading downhole monitoring solution, is used in more than 200 oil wells to support Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), a major exploration and production company, to increase the country’s oil production.

In 2015, GE Oil & Gas Well Performance Services signed a contract with Occidental Oman for the supply of and service of Beam Pumping Units, automation equipment and Down Hole Reciprocating Rod Pumps.

Today, GE has more than 300 GE Oil & Gas equipment deployed across the country. Additionally, GE has an Artificial Lift Field Services and repair Center in Nirmr, Oman.

Adding 100 million liters of clean water per day in Oman

GE’s water desalination and reuse technologies add approximately 100 million liters of clean water every day in Oman.

The Salalah Independent Water & Power Project (IWPP), which was established to meet growing electricity and water needs within the Dhofar region of Oman, uses 6FA GE advanced gas turbines to generate 445 megawatts of power and 15 million imperial gallons of desalinated water per day. The provided solutions supports IWPP in increasing water availability, optimizing performance and improving the value of man-hours spent on site through the automation of routine site work.

Supporting Oman’s Healthcare Infrastructure

Today over 1,000 GE Healthcare products and technologies are deployed in hospitals and clinics across Oman.

Connecting Oman to the world

GE has been a partner to Oman Air for approximately 25 years with more than 500,000 engine flight hours achieved by GE-powered technology to date. As GE/CFM engines power close to 60% of Oman’s total fleet, today, every 15 minutes, a GE powered airplane takes off in Oman, carrying more than five million passengers in 2014.


Yahya Al Busafi
E: [email protected]