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GE in Kuwait

Since the early 1970’s, GE has been a strong partner to Kuwait’s public and private sectors to support the country’s infrastructural needs in the aviation, power, water, oil and gas industries. As a committed partner, GE will continue to support the government in achieving Kuwait’s Vision 2035 by offering innovative technological solutions that meet the country’s vision and strategy to drive growth. With more than 200 employees based in country, GE is a dedicated partner, in Kuwait, for Kuwait.

The GE Kuwait Technology Center

GE is building a new facility in Kuwait that will house a large generator and both steam and gas turbines. However, when the GE Kuwait Technology Center opens in 2016, it won’t be lighting up homes, it will be fueling minds. In one part of this multifaceted, multi-specialty technology center, GE Power & Water will use the power plant equipment to provide advanced, hands-on training and maintenance practice to power plant engineers from Kuwait and the wider region.

In another section of this unique, state-of-the-art facility, GE experts will deliver a wide range of technical training programs, using computer simulators and testing labs to improve understanding of power generation operations and troubleshooting methodologies, reflecting the company’s strategic commitment to developing the skills and capabilities of Kuwaiti students and professionals.

Giant plant takes the ‘waste’ out of wastewater

GE is providing key technology to a record-breaking expansion of the Sulaibiya Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation Plant — which after a just announced expansion using GE technology, will once again become the largest-of-its-kind membrane technology facility in the world. GE will provide ZeeWeed 1000 submerged hollow-fiber membranes and AG LF low-fouling reverse osmosis (RO) membranes for the plant that will enhance its production capacity from 375,000 to 600,000 cubic meters per day. That’s as much as the water in 240 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Powering more than 35% of Kuwait’s electricity needs

Through its collaboration with the Ministry of Electricity and Water, GE today powers 37% of Kuwait’s electricity by supplying its advanced gas turbines to six different power plants across the country. With an expected increase of 10 gigawatts of electricity demand by 2022, GE will continue to support the government’s efforts to meet the country’s growing energy needs.

Advanced healthcare technologies help Kuwait combat non-communicable diseases

Some of GE’s latest technologies will equip specialized Kuwaiti facilities such as the new imaging department of the 150-bed Sabah Al Ahmad Cardiac Center which will open in 2017. It will include GE’s Revolution GSI, one of the latest CT technologies designed especially for high quality imaging of the heart, helping to cater for the increased prevalence of cardiac disease in Kuwait. Revolution GSI images allow healthcare professionals to make more confident decisions and may help to prevent more expensive invasive procedures, particularly for cardiac patients with high or irregular heart rates.

GE Healthcare will also provide integrated oncology solutions for a new wing of the Kuwait Cancer Control Hospital (KCCC), the third biggest oncology center in the world, with 650 beds, due to open in 2017. This will include the Discovery PET/CT 710, a hybrid imaging system which combines PET, used to record molecular activity which is indicative of rapid tumor growth, with CT which focuses on anatomic location or the physical size of a tumor. Today over 800 GE Healthcare products and technologies are deployed in hospitals and clinics across Kuwait.

Connecting Kuwait to the world

Today, GE and partnership engines move more than 1.8 million passengers through Kuwait each year. With more than 210 engines powering more than half of the country’s total fleet, every 30 minutes sees a GE-powered airplane takeoff into the skies of Kuwait.

Lighting up Kuwait efficiently

In order to drive the overall efficiency of the Sabiya CCGT Power Station, powered by 6 9FA gas turbines, Sabiya recently completed the purchase of 220 LED lamps to provide an energy-efficient solution for the compartment lighting project. This solution contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions and maintenance costs as well as improves visibility and safety for station employees working in low light conditions.

As a pioneer in LED technology, GE Lighting is bringing the latest in lighting solutions to Kuwait that will enhance operational and energy efficiency and reduce emissions, thus meeting the sustainability vision of Kuwait.

Giving back to the community

The GE Volunteers Chapter in Kuwait alongside the KhaleeGE Network are constantly working on volunteering initiatives in order to build and strengthen the community in which we work and live in.

In 2015, the two chapters collaborated with Tanzifco, one of the leading cleaning service providers in the Middle East, for a clean-up drive at the Shaab Park. With a common goal to lend a helping hand to those who work behind the scenes to keep our communities clean, 16 volunteers, along with 11 Tanzifco and GE employees, and five engineering student from Kuwait University joined forces for a cleaner Shaab Park.

Sama Hassan