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GE Transportation in MENAT

GE Transportation in MENAT

As a world leader in locomotive design and innovation, GE Transportation has been a trusted technology partner of choice to region.

In the UAE, the new railways, scheduled for completion by 2018, will connect all six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states by rail for the first time. GE Transportation has productions and solutions that will be able to support the build of a sustainable railway infrastructure.

In Turkey, GE Transportation and TÜLOMSAŞ debuted the first GE PowerHaul™ Locomotive to be manufactured in Turkey in 2012. In 2008 the two companies entered into a strategic relationship in which they agreed to collaborate to supply the market with the GE PowerHaul™ locomotive.

In Egypt, GE Transportation has been a partner to the Egyptian National Railways (ENR) for more than 30 years providing more than 110 locomotives that help move people and goods across Egypt every day – including 80 of GE’s Evolution Series to help move an average of five million tons of freight each year.


PowerHaul Series Locomotive

PowerHaul is one of GE Transportation’s most technologically advanced, fuel-efficient and low-emissions diesel-electric freight locomotives.

Evolution Series Locomotive

Powered by GE Transportation’s 12-cylinder diesel engine, the Evolution Series Engine produces the same 4,400 HP as its 16-cylinder predecessor — with less fuel. The engine also uses enhanced cooling and higher-strength materials that dramatically improve reliability and allow for future increases in power and efficiency. The Evolution Series Locomotive represents one of GE’s most prominent ecomagination products.