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GE Power in MENAT

GE Power in MENAT

Our knowledge of the region’s unique water and power needs stems from a long history in the region, going back almost 80 years. With more than 1,330 advanced gas turbines installed in more than 220 sites across the region, GE supports the generation of 65 percent of the Middle East’s electricity that is approximately equivalent to 55 gigawatts of power. This long-term commitment ensures our solutions will help meet a growing energy demand in the Middle East which is expected to increase 76 percent by 2040.

In Egypt, GE partnered with the Ministry of Electricity and the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company to add 2.6 gigawatt of fast power to Egypt’s grid within six month. The project, which is part of Egypt’s Power Boost Program, helped the country meet increasing electricity demand during the summer of 2015. 46 advanced gas turbines were deployed across 14 sites nationwide to supply approximately 2.5 million homes with electricity. This project is considered a world record for GE in terms of speed of execution for a project of such scale.

Additionally, GE technology helps purify more than 800 million liters of water each day across the region. In Kuwait, GE announced in 2015 its plans to expand the Sulaibiya wastewater treatment plant which was established as a state-of-the-art facility in 2004. Under the new expansion, undertaken by Kharafi National, GE will provide ZeeWeed 1000 submerged hollow-fiber membranes and AG LF low-fouling reverse osmosis (RO) membranes for the plant that will enhance its production capacity from 375,000 to 600,000 cubic meters per day. That’s as much as the water in 240 Olympic-sized swimming pools.


GE 9HA Gas Turbine

The 9HA high efficiency, air-cooled gas turbine leads the industry. Its flexible conversion of fuel to electricity helps you meet increasingly dynamic power demands, cost effectively.