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GE Healthcare in MENAT

GE Healthcare in MENAT

GE is addressing the healthcare challenges unique to the region by implementing integrated strategies that support clinicians in diagnosing disease and improving patient outcomes and overall healthcare delivery. Today over 20,000 GE Healthcare products and technologies are deployed in hospitals and clinics across the region.

In Saudi Arabia, GE is building capability to screen, treat and diagnose breast cancer. To date, more than 26,500 women have been screened in the Kingdom, with over 160 who were positively diagnosed mostly in early stages with a 95% chance of survival. Recent projects include:

  • GE partnered with the Saudi Ministry of Health to launch the first-of-a-kind Women’s Health Screening Clinics at two Riyadh shopping malls.
  • GE’s partnership with the National Blood and Cancer Center (NBCC) to house GE’s latest diagnostic imaging systems, including magnetic resonance, CT-scan, ultrasound and healthcare IT solutions. The facility at NBCC will feature —for the first time in the Kingdom — GE’s Automated Breast Ultrasound System, which is intended for use as an adjunct tool with mammography, and GE Healthcare’s first-ever integrated, simultaneous PET/MR.

In the UAE, Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Medical Group (HMG) selected GE Healthcare to help implement a next-generation hospital solution that combines advanced diagnostic equipment and treatment, with digital medical records, digital administration and patient management. The result is the recently opened 150-bed Sulaiman Al-Habib Hospital, the group’s technology flagship, located in Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC). DHCC is a growing regional hub for healthcare tourism that also serves the large and growing population of citizens and residents living in the UAE.

GE is also committed building the capabilities of healthcare professionals in the region. GE Healthcare’s education strategy integrates technology and localization in the design and deployment of tailored education solutions.

    • Addressing the rise of non-communicable diseases such as breast cancer: As part of an integrated solution developed with the Saudi Ministry of Health’s National Breast Cancer Screening Program, supported by GE and Komen, 150+ hours of training for 100+ medical and support staff, combined with local disease awareness efforts, has helped the program screen over 26,500 women.
    • Addressing rising healthcare costs and improving healthcare efficiencies: As part of a comprehensive solution where training served as a key enabler, GE trained 400+ hospital staff in change management and performance improvement methodologies across 20 hospitals focusing on Operating Rooms (OR) optimization. Among other improvements, the initiative improved OR utilization by up to 47 percent and reduced surgical waiting lists by up to 58 percent.
    • Supporting the development of healthcare professionals: The Healthcare Skills Training Institute at King Fahad Medical City, part of the Saudi Ministry of Health, is the first GE training center globally to be located at a customer site. Providing technical, leadership and clinical courses, it has trained over 5,000 healthcare professionals since 2013.


The Voluson E10

A new 4D high-performance ultrasound system, featuring the world’s first curved matrix electronic 4D probe designed specifically for obstetric and gynecological applications. Aside from parent-pleasing spectacular detailed color images of an unborn child, Voluson E10 allows clinicians to monitor a child’s brain and heart development from as early as the first trimester.

The SIGNA Pioneer with MAGiC

An MR system designed to enable clinicians to scan one more patient, every hour, every day. With MAGiC, clinicians can manipulate images and change contrasts post scan, meaning fewer re-scans, less time wasted and no more regrets when it comes to contrast use. SIGNA Pioneer and MAGiC are 510 (k) pending at the FDA and not available for sale. Not CE Marked.